THE MAX Challenge is proud to announce the relaunching of its signature podcast: THE MAX Factor. THE MAX Factor provides a weekly dose of high-powered motivation aimed at helping people achieve their highest personal and professional goals. The podcast is hosted by Founder and CEO of the revolutionary MAX Challenge program, Bryan Klein. Bryan is a business expert, fitness enthusiast, and an incredible motivational speaker. He is passionate about helping people to live happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives. Bryan is living proof that it is life’s most difficult moments that inspire the human spirit to achieve great things. 


Each week, a new 5-10 minute episode of THE MAX Factor will be released and will touch on subjects including health, fitness, entrepreneurship,  motivation, and more. These episodes are perfect to listen to on the way to work out, the commute to or from the office, or over that morning cup of coffee. THE MAX Factor podcast will give listeners the feeling that they have their own life coach, business coach, and personal trainer right in their pocket!  


THE MAX Challenge continues to be a leader of innovation in the fitness industry. Between THE MAX’s in-center and virtual classes, THE MAX App, highly active social media support groups, and now THE MAX Factor podcast, there are countless resources to help people to live happier, healthier lives

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