Business Ownership is Finally Within Reach!

Being a business owner has always been a quintessential part of the American Dream. However, for most people, it’s a dream that seems out of reach. Eager individuals are often hesitant to take the plunge because of the countless obstacles they feel stand in their way; money, time, location, logistics. THE MAX Challenge knows that the most important part of a successful business is the passionate people behind it. Passion and drive cannot be taught, however, and that’s one of the primary reasons for THE MAX Challenge’s NEW express model, which comes with a low upfront investment and puts business ownership well within reach for the right person.

Mario, owner of THE MAX Challenge of Cranford New Jersey found what his passion was at an early age. “I remember being a teenager when I realized how important self-development was. It was the first time in my life I realized, wow, this is something I want to be involved with; helping people get better. It’s the first time I realized what my purpose was, which was to make a difference and to help as many people as I could. Shortly after I found THE MAX Challenge.” 

In the express model, franchise owners open within existing businesses where there’s a symbiotic relationship. Mario started his first center out of his then karate studio. “​​Opening up THE MAX in our karate studio meant working around existing classes at Cesar-Kai while our new space was located and being built out. Fortunately, our MAX classes were held at times that did not interfere with existing karate classes, and because our karate studio was 1,200 square feet, there was plenty of room for everyone. Our MAX classes took off rather quickly, each class hosted 40 to 50 people and by the time we moved into our own space, we had 250 members calling themselves MAXers!”

Roseann, owner of 3 MAX Challenge locations across Staten Island, started out as a member with a huge dream. After becoming an instructor, she realized what her true purpose was. “I believed in THE MAX. It saved my life. I knew it was something I had to pay forward to my community.” That’s when Roseann decided to move forward and open up her first MAX center utilizing the express model. “We started in a karate school and stayed for one year to the date. We didn’t have to put much money into it, we just paid a small amount in rent. We made money that way – our overhead was virtually nothing. So profit came in, we were able to start a second center 6 months later with the money we made from the first.” Roseann speaks fondly of the other dreams she was able to accomplish because of her success with THE MAX. 

Amy, owner of THE MAX Challenge of Springfield, also found that starting small led to exponential growth. “We chose the express model because we could get into a small place and grow as we needed to. Our rent was very low, it was very manageable. About 6 months into it, we realized the space was getting too small for us and we then were able to move into a space that fit our new needs.”

As individuals continue to grow and develop, they begin to discover new facets of their personality and new roads available to explore in life. THE MAX Challenge believes that it is never too late to start something, whether that’s in fitness or in business. THE MAX Challenge Corporate Office has laid out a dependable business plan that makes entrepreneurship accessible to people with varying professional backgrounds. Dinesh, owner of THE MAX Challenge of Hillsborough, is an example of this. “I worked retail for 17 years. I didn’t enjoy a Thanksgiving for 17 years. Then I realized that THE MAX Challenge was something that I was passionate about. When you’re able to pursue something that’s so rewarding from both the financial and emotional aspect, that’s pretty amazing.”

The Express Model offers franchisees the opportunity to open up a center in an existing space at a low upfront investment. Prospective buyers are able to start their own successful fitness center for as little as $64,000! This incredible opportunity allows individuals who may have never thought owning a business was possible, to minimize risk and optimize results. Perhaps Amy says it best, “I’m here, I’m helping people, and I feel great about that. DO the express, it’s the easiest way to get started. Don’t second guess yourself.” Amy also has a secret formula for franchisee success. “Be as good and as kind as you can to every member. Make them feel like family and you will be successful.”

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