THE MAX Challenge Instructor Spotlight on Priscilla McRae

Priscilla started her journey with THE MAX Challenge in 2012 as a member.  She had hit her all-time highest weight and knew she needed to make a change.  She had never attended a gym before and didn’t think she would last 2 weeks.  She went to every class, followed the nutrition plan and saw immediate results. She realized THE MAX was something she didn’t want to live without. Priscilla quickly gained a new family. Her goal changed from finishing the 10-week challenge, to one day becoming a MAX Challenge instructor. In less than one year Priscilla lost 76lbs and became a MAX Certified Instructor.
In the summer of 2015, Priscilla began working for the Corporate MAX Challenge Team and she recently joined THE MAX University Leadership Team.
When asked about her success, Priscilla replied: “Had someone told me they could see my future 4 years ago, that I’d be an instructor, training other instructors to become better trainers, I would have thought they were insane.  But THE MAX teaches you to challenge your beliefs, challenge yourself, and realize that anything is possible, if you want it bad enough.  So now, go ahead.  Take the leap and just DO IT.  YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!!”
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