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Our lifechanging process, successfully used by people of all different experience and fitness levels, combines exciting fitness classes, nutritional counseling and motivation into one easy to follow program. Not only are our members trimming down and toning up but many of them report increased energy and focus allowing them to excel in all areas of life! Don’t take our word for it. Scroll below to see their results for yourself.

During Your Challenge You Will Receive

Nutrition Program

Our nutrition program is extremely easy to follow and requires no special foods. It is simply about learning to make better choices at the supermarket where you are already shopping.

Unique Workouts

During your challenge no two workouts will ever be the same. You will experience unique daily workouts, each designed to challenge members of all fitness levels while optimizing results.

Members Site

Our members website provides you with recipes, nutritional and support resources to help you every step of the way.

Our Team

Our compassionate trainers and team members are dedicated to one thing…your results!

Guaranteed Results

We feel so strongly that our program will help you achieve your goals that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Rave Reviews

Whether virtual or in-center, our members enjoy high-energy workouts, unmatched motivation and support, a sense of community and family, and sensible nutrition resources. We are committed, not only to our members’ physical health, but mental health as well. Mindfulness walks, cooking demonstrations, and weekly motivation speakers are all available EXCLUSIVELY to our members.

"THE MAX challenge is a great program that will give you the tools to succeed and achieve your fitness goals no matter what your fitness level is. The staff is friendly, encouraging and supportive. Highly Recommended!"
— Theresa Alberts-Gardner

"Life changing!! Physically as well as mentally. The love, support and encouragement from fellow MAXers is incredible! A whole new family! ❤️❤️💪🏋️‍♀️"
— Donna Herzog Kahn

"THE MAX lifestyle has turned my health and well-being around in just 10 weeks. I'm now a legacy member and can't imagine life without my MAX Family! Wonderful, supportive members and environment. Try it... it's like no other program that you have done before!!"
— Mary Beth Maclearie Rehrer

Fresh Start, Fresh Focus. Results are Guaranteed!

Join the Fitness Phenomenon that is Shaping the Lives of Thousands of Americans Every Day!

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MAX Success Stories in Their Own Words!

Hear it directly from our members about how The MAX has helped transform lives! For more videos, subscribe on YouTube or watch this playlist on YouTube.

"We are a MAX family" - April (THE MAX Challenge reviews)

"When I got here, I felt comfortable" - Kelly (THE MAX Challenge Reviews)

"Each of us has a value to this community" - Ann (THE MAX Challenge reviews)

"It's what I consider my lifeline" - Kathy (THE MAX Challenge reviews)

"You look forward to coming every single day" - Inger (THE MAX Challenge reviews)

"It just keeps you on your goals" - Dave (THE MAX Challenge Reviews)

"Everybody took me under their wing" - Stacey (THE MAX Challenge Reviews)

"Every time I challenged myself, I could do it" - Susan (THE MAX Challenge reviews)

"You need time for yourself and this is my time" - Karen (THE MAX Challenge reviews)

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For more videos, watch this playlist on YouTube.

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