2021 Sparks Change in Careers Nationwide

THE MAX Challenge was founded in 2011, two short years after the end of The Great Recession. The 2007-2009 economic downturn has been weighing heavily on the forefront of many people’s minds as we continue through 2021, navigating the aftermath of 2020. When times are tough, individuals are forced to face the fact that many things are out of their control. And yet, tough times often create cause for re-evaluation. They bring to light areas of our lives that we are in control of, and they give us pause to reflect on what we truly want.  


It was during The Great Recession that Bryan Klein, Founder and CEO of THE MAX Challenge, was thrust towards his ‘ah-ha’ moment, and constructed his business plan for THE MAX Challenge. It’s no secret that millions of Americans are apprehensive about returning to the career path they were on before quarantine began. In addition to that, workers are now quitting their jobs at record rates. According to the Labor Department’s Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary, in April of 2021, 4 million people, a total of 2.7% of the workforce, quit their job. People feel compelled to try something new.  


Bryan believes that individuals who feel unsatisfied in their current career typically fall into one of three “Buckets”. Bucket #1 – A lack of fulfilment. Individuals who fall into this category feel trapped in their job and are seeking something better; something emotionally and spiritually satisfying. They feel that life is too short to be doing something that isn’t making a difference. They are looking for a higher sense of purpose, they want to feel that their work is for a greater cause. Many people who found themselves working from home for the first time in their lives discovered that when you take away the social benefits of work, you are just left with the content of your work. And to many, that is simply not enough.  


Bryan fell into this category himself when he made the decision to start THE MAX Challenge. During a philanthropic event, he began ruminating on the forces driving his life. “I have always found such satisfaction in helping others. Throughout my entire life, I’ve been more motivated to help the people around me and do more for them, than I would myself. I thought -What if I created a business that impacted people so positively, that every single day, I felt such immense fulfilment, while also helping to improve my own life.  And then it came to me: fitness, nutrition, and motivation! I would wake up every day with the passion and energy to show up for a career I loved and I could support my family.” 


Bucket #2 – A lack of freedom. People in this grouping feel like they don’t have the freedom they want in life. They are missing out on family experiences and vacations. They are strapped to a job, working for someone else, that doesn’t offer flexibility. They think to themselves, “There’s more to life than working all the time.” In a recent episode of The Wall Street Journal’s The Journal podcast, a man who recently quit his job states that he was simply tired of “helping other people with billions make more billions.” He found that there was an increased blurring of the line between his personal life and his work life, he was working increased hours for someone else, and it was not what he truly wanted. This man would most certainly fall into the ‘freedom’ bucket. There is no doubt that when you are dedicated to a job, you are motivated to work longer, harder, and smarter. There is no better way to assure that your hard work and passion will pay off than if you are working those hours for yourself.  


The final group of individuals fall into bucket #3 – A desire for increased security. These are people who are looking for financial security, and want to be in charge of their own destiny. The pandemic put many people in a difficult financial position, but for some it gave the opportunity to save a lot of money. Families found themselves traveling, eating out, and shopping far less than previous years. This allowed the opportunity for some to leave a job where they felt unhappy with their salary in order to build a business that will someday lead to self-regulated economic success. 


An excellent example of this, is one of THE MAX Challenge’s franchise owners, Roseann Camarda. Roseann invested her time and money into opening her first MAX Challenge center via our Express Model in a local karate studio. She was then able to use the funds from the first center to open a second, and then go on to open a third. Roseann was able to purchase a second home for her family and achieve her lifelong dream of vacationing in Europe.  


THE MAX Challenge offers a solution to the existential crisis facing Americans. THE MAX is proud to announce the relaunching of the Express Model. This extraordinarily accessible business model allows fervent individuals entry into a business about which they are passionate. Bryan teaches that in order to be successful, you need to love what you are doing enough to do it every single day. “Make sure you truly believe in it. Make sure that you can stand behind it with your values, and give it everything you have.” Whether THE MAX Franchise opportunity calls to you or not, make 2021 the year you take control of your own destiny.  





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