Our Nutrition Program is Simple
10 Weeks to Your Best Self

Max Challenge Nutrition Guide

During your 10-Week Challenge, you will finally learn:

  • How to eat the right carbs that fuel your body and optimize your results
  • How you can still enjoy your favorite foods while achieving your fitness goals
  • How not to deprive yourself to achieve success

During Your Challenge You Will Receive

Nutrition Program

Our nutrition program is extremely easy to follow and requires no special foods. It is simply about learning to make better choices at the supermarket where you are already shopping.

Unique Workouts

During your challenge no two workouts will ever be the same. You will experience unique daily workouts, each designed to challenge members of all fitness levels while optimizing results.

Members Site

Our members website provides you with recipes, nutritional and support resources to help you every step of the way.

Our Team

Our compassionate trainers and team members are dedicated to one thing…your results!

Guaranteed Results

We feel so strongly that our program will help you achieve your goals that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Find THE MAX Challenge Nearest You

Optimize Your Health

Our easy to follow nutrition program is carefully timed with our fitness program to optimize your results.  The combination of exercise and nutrition helps to burn fat and build muscle.  Our members are surprised to learn:

  • There are thousands of recipes to make clean eating delicious, you don’t have to settle for bland, boring foods.
  • It’s not about special pills or supplements, our program is based on making better choices at the supermarket where you’re already shopping.

Even the busiest people can fit our nutrition program in their lives, including dining out while on the go or at your favorite restaurant.

Simple Nutrition Program to get in shape


Exclusive Member Resources

  • Access to our members only Secret Group packed with additional recipes, inspiration and a forum for your questions when you’re not in class.
  • Unparalleled nutritional guidance from a caring team of MAX Certified trainers and staff.
  • Technology by your side at all times through our Members Only Website and THE MAX Challenge App.

Find THE MAX Challenge Nearest You

Easy and Delicious MAX Compliant Recipes







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