THE MAX Challenge to Launch First Virtual 10-Week Challenge

THE MAX Challenge will launch its first Virtual 10-Week Challenge at nearly all locations on Monday, March 30th. The 10-Week Challenge model has always been a signature of this fitness franchise – the program itself combines fitness cl

asses, nutritional counseling, and motivation to help members transform both their bodies and minds.

The company switched to an online model practically overnight in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. For the past two weeks, they’ve provided members with a combination of live and on-demand virtual fitness classes.

In an effort to help members maintain a sense of normalcy in times of uncertainty, THE MAX Challenge decided to keep their March 30th start date for their next challenge and continue with the virtual model, rather than postponing or canceling the challenge altogether.

“These classes and other online resources allow our members to practice self-care at a time when it’s incredibly easy for self-care to fall by the wayside,” said Director of Marketing and Development, Hayley Guerra. “The virtual 10-Week Challenge also offers a psychological benefit in terms of progression and a sense of forward motion when many feel stuck.”

As a part of the virtual 10-Week Challenge, centers will host nutrition seminars and cooking demonstrations online to help members to make healthy choices for themselves and for their families.

Founder/CEO of THE MAX Challenge Klein and his team have also arranged for weekly motivational speakers to present in the organization’s national Facebook group, currently consisting of close to 30,000 individuals.

“We need to maintain a positive mindset. These weekly speakers will cover topics ranging from mi

ndfulness, to navigating life in adverse times, and more,” said Klein. “It has always been our mission to help members to live happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives. Nothing can change that.”

Though THE MAX Challenge is known for fitness, nutrition, and motivation, one of the things that makes this organization unique is the camaraderie and friendships formed within the four walls of the franchise’s more than 80 locations nationwide. The interactive element of the live-streamed classes allows members to maintain these close connections.

“I may be working out here in my house by myself, but I never feel alone,” said Lucille Gesek, a member at THE MAX Challenge of Berkeley.


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