The 2021 Fitness Boom is Ahead

As we continue into mid-2021 with summer, the season for activity, just around the corner, the ever-present question on every gym owner’s mind is: What does the future hold? Will we continue to see individuals working out virtually or are people aching to get back or even start an in-person fitness routine?

There’s no question that the opportunity to work out virtually has dramatically changed the fitness industry. It’s for that reason that many brick and mortar fitness concepts, including THE MAX Challenge, that introduced a virtual experience during the pandemic are keeping it around as an added value to members for the foreseeable future. But, though the convenience and safety of working out at home is appealing, many people are missing their in-person community and are ready to get back onto the mat again. Not only that, but many have felt the physical and mental effects of being relatively sedentary for more than a year, driving new people to explore a fitness regimen. The takeaway? The fitness industry as a whole is preparing to BOOM!

Many experts agree that the majority of in-home gym goers are fantasizing about getting back to their in-person workouts, and more people than ever before are beginning to see how important incorporating a wellness program into their everyday life can be. In November of 2020 the COVID-19 Fitness Consumer Report found that 94% of people surveyed said they would return to their fitness center in some way, shape, or form. According to Jay Ablondi, Executive Vice President for Global Products of the Global Health and Fitness Association, “The data confirms the essential role health clubs play in promoting and maintaining the well-being of consumers. Seventy percent of members rely on their health clubs to maintain overall health, while 30% use their health and fitness centers to help build their immune system. More than one-third miss the community aspect of belonging to a health club. Clearly, there’s no replacement for health clubs or gyms.” This speaks to the extremely high number of people who require intrinsic motivation to push through a workout, or achieve goals they never thought possible without a support system.

The survey went on to ask individuals how the shutdown of their usual fitness center had affected them. 85% of people said that the shutdown caused their fitness routine to change, and 50% said that their new routine felt less consistent than their regimen prior to the 2020 shutdown. In addition to humanity’s newfound craving for socialization, we at THE MAX have extremely high expectations for the future of our franchisees. Our centers provide individuals with a supportive “MAX family” all while providing a comprehensive approach to achieving results based in physical activity, nutrition, and wellness. This all-inclusive opportunity is one that current and future gym-goers will not be able to pass up!

Thanks to the widespread efforts of the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine, fitness will not only return to normal, but it will begin to explode. In a recent interview with TODAY, Walter Thompson, the past president of the American College of Sports Medicine states, “There will be a ‘huge rebound’ effect for health clubs. Gyms are going to be overwhelmed with business. I’m incredibly optimistic about what’s going to happen to the fitness industry in 2021.”

THE MAX Challenge’s ability to remain fluid and innovative during the past year and a half is a true testament to its dedication to both franchisees and members alike, and will be a huge draw for future business owners. In other words, for anyone who has ever thought about getting into the fitness business, the time is NOW. We look forward to the thousands of future MAX family members who will be joining us on a quest to leave the past behind, and pave the road to the future with life changing habits.

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