Companies that are seeing immense momentum coming out of 2020 are, unquestionably, those that used the setback to innovate, and that’s exactly what we did here at THE MAX Challenge.

The latest of many innovations to come out of THE MAX Challenge is the highly anticipated MAX Challenge Mobile App! THE MAX Challenge App is a one stop hub for everything members need to track their progress towards their health and fitness goals. The App is included in every MAX membership, and allows members to have the entire program at their fingertips anytime, anywhere.

When members open THE MAX App, they are directed to an easily navigated dashboard that summarizes their progress. They are able to view their stats, achievements, and an overview of their plan for the day. Along the bottom of the App, members quickly access their schedule, meal tracker, meal plan, 1:1 chat with their trainer, and more!

The App includes a complete library of delicious, healthy recipes, as well as an incredibly useful nutrition tracker where members can log all of their meals for the day using an extensive pre-programed library of foods. You can now plan your meals, check to see if foods are compliant, and watch cooking demos on your schedule!

THE MAX App is like having a personal trainer in your pocket. In fact, your trainer will be in your pocket! The App allows members to message their trainer one on one at any time to connect, ask questions, share victories, and receive the guidance they need to achieve their goals for the day. The App also sends out morning motivation to make sure you start out every day as the best version of yourself. With THE MAX APP, members are guaranteed to receive that extra push of accountability that’s necessary to reach their goals.

THE MAX App highlights all of an individual member’s achievements in one prime location. This way, members can easily see how far they’ve come, and actively push themselves to reach new goals every single day. Members are able to share their achievements with their MAX family to promote connection, support, and a strong feeling of community; three values that THE MAX has shaped their programming around.

You will never miss a beat with THE MAX App. It is an incredible new tool that works in tandem with our in center programming to help members maximize their results. THE MAX Challenge App will begin rolling out this summer.

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