MAX Day of Giving 2021

“Help others whenever you can,” that’s what Max, Bryan Klein’s father and the namesake of THE MAX Challenge always said. Nothing exemplifies the core values of THE MAX more than the annual Day of Giving event. The Day of Giving is a special day once a year where each and every MAX center organizes a charity event for a cause close to the heart of their community. Members, friends, family, staff, and trainers come together to raise money, work out, and support each other. This year, the event took place on Saturday, May 15, and was attended by thousands of people all across the country. To feel a sense of family in one’s own neighborhood is a powerful thing, but to extend that feeling throughout the country is immeasurable. 


From raising money for the Make a Wish foundation and the American Cancer Foundation to adoption fairs for local animal shelters, the amount of support from MAX members cannot be matched. Individual centers raised as much as $18,000 for their chosen charity! 


Centers chose causes that directly impacted members of their own Max Family. THE MAX of Marlboro, NJ chose Stephy’s place, a grief counseling center that offers their services free of charge to anyone that loses a spouse, parent or child. They chose Stephy’s Place in honor of their late member, Todd Levine. THE MAX of Bay Ridge, NY chose the Christian J. Santo Legacy Foundation in honor of their members, the Santo family, and their late son, Christian Santo. Speaking to the MAX Members who attended the expansive event was inspirational. There were hundreds of people scattered across St. Ephrem Sport’s field all coming together for a single cause. They were united because they had a core value in common; to live happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives, and to see others do the same. 


Thomas, a 4 year member of THE MAX of Bay Ridge, said that this event “was a very special one.” Thomas is elated to be back in the Bay Ridge center after a long 2020, in which he underwent 2 surgeries. With THE MAX, Thomas was able to stay consistent with a meal plan, lose weight, and get his blood pressure down. Thomas said his son is his biggest supporter. He’s stayed consistent with THE MAX for his family, especially his 5 grandchildren who are very happy to see him on this journey.


Janna, who is in the midst of completing her second challenge at THE MAX of Bay Ridge, is attending the Day of Giving as her first in-person event! She said “We’re here as a family to support a wonderful cause. It’s incredible to see the entire community coming out to support this family.” Janna, who has already lost 30 pounds since January, was inspired to become a MAX member by her friend who attended regularly and “looked amazing!” Janna is a huge fan of the virtual option THE MAX offers. She states “I can work out in the comfort of my own home, there’s no driving, and if work gets in the way I can attend class on my own time.” She continued on to say, “We’ve felt so responsible for work and our families lately. It’s important to be there for yourself and value yourself.”


Colleen is an original member of THE MAX of Bay Ridge. Colleen, who was proudly sporting a MAX Day of Giving T-Shirt, said, “Once a year we have the max Day of Giving, we come out as a community and support a different event. It’s amazing to see hundreds of people here with their families and friends supporting the Christian J. Santo foundation.” She is adamant that THE MAX Challenge saved her life. “I lost 70 pounds and I changed my blood test results. Physically it made me able to enjoy events, it made me more confident to go out. When you feel better you look better and you ARE better. THE MAX has done that for me.” Colleen loves the feeling of being part of THE MAX family. “ When you join THE MAX you make lifetime friends who encourage you and hold you accountable. If you don’t show up to class one day they call you to make you come out! With Covid a lot of people slipped and didn’t want to do it, but seeing my friends’ faces on Zoom made me stick it out.” 


It is incredible to get back to one’s roots. THE MAX Day of Giving has done that for members, for owners, and for trainers. It’s time to look forward, full steam ahead, and take hold of the sense of purpose you get from giving back to the community. THE MAX Challenge would like to thank everyone who showed their support during this event. THE MAX encourages you to keep caring for your mind, your body, and your spirit.


[Photo Credit: THE MAX Challenge of Marlboro]

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