Tips, Tricks, and Techniques: Tools to MAXimize Weight Loss

No matter how hard you hustle, you’ll find it nearly impossible to lose weight when your workout stays at the gym. To shed the pounds and keep them off, you’ll need to structure exercise into your daily routine.

Trivial though they may seem, even simple changes can have a great impact. To get started, consider adding the following activities to your day:

Take The Stairs

The go-to for fitness mavens, stairs are the ultimate freebie when it comes to exercise. Whether you’re going up one level or traipsing to the top floor, ditch the elevator and take the stairs to get your daily dose of steps. (Please, don’t overdo it. There’s no need to power-walk 25 flights on your first go.)

Park Farther Away

Frequent flyer at the local grocer? Consider parking farther away in the lot to ensure a maximum possible step count. For those who prefer outlets and strip malls, try walking between stores rather than driving and re-parking between each stop.

Use A Basket

Unless you’re shopping for the neighborhood, replace a cart with a hand basket whenever possible. Not only will you get the chance to sneak in a few bicep curls, but you’ll limit the amount of space for food, meaning there’s less of an opportunity to splurge. (Bonus: Your wallet will thank you!)

Use Your Lunch Break

Got a case of the hangries? Skip the cafeteria and take a walk to the nearest cafe, or pack a lunch and use your break to get some fresh air. For those who prefer to graze throughout the day, forego mealtime altogether and use your lunch hour to squeeze in a decent workout.

Clean The House

Yup, you heard us right! Declutter the closet, shake out the duster, and square up with the laundry for a Spring Cleaning your house will never forget. If the floors aren’t sparkling and sweat isn’t dripping, keep cleaning!

Revamp The Yard

Hunky they may be, but there’s no need to hire a professional landscaper when you can take on the job yourself. Whether you’re laying a new walkway or exercising your green thumb (bonus points for a vegetable garden!), yardwork is a therapeutic and cost-effective way to get that sweat dripping and make the neighbors jealous while doing it.

Multi-Task Entertainment

Can’t stay away from your favourite show? Invest in a range of indoor fitness equipment to keep your blood pumping through every commercial break. Be it a treadmill, elliptical, or dumbbells and resistance band, there’s nothing quite like background noise to make an hour of exercise fly by!

Plan Ahead

Less an idea than a suggestion, planning ahead is simply a way of holding yourself accountable for working out. Pencil walks into the calendar, schedule an outing with friends, or join a class at your local gym to ensure that you keep your body moving. Also, consider investing in an app or smartwatch that logs your physical activity.

The Bottom Line

Fitting a workout into your day may be hard, but exercising doesn’t have to be. As you learn healthier habits and adapt to a more active lifestyle, you will find that even the simplest of activities can have an impact on both your physical and mental health.

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