THE MAX Challenge – An Idea Invoked by Passion and Backed by Science


THE MAX Challenge, a 10-week program combining fitness classes, nutritional counseling, and motivation, is here to inspire and realign members with their goals after a harrowing 2020. Though New Year’s Day has long since passed, many people are seeking out 2021 as a time to reset, recharge, and find resolution after challenging times. From day one, it has been THE MAX Challenge’s mission to help people live happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives.


THE MAX Challenge was founded by Bryan Klein in 2011. Named for his father, Max Klein, Bryan took the principals on which he was raised and developed a program designed to help others and inspire them to make incredible changes in their lives. In addition, Bryan shared that “It’s not a specific school or degree that made me so knowledgeable; [it’s] the fact that I’ve lived through gaining weight and losing weight and discovered how the combination of proper exercise, nutrition, and motivation can lead to lasting results in appearance, fitness, and overall health.” In 2001 he had gained over 100 lbs. as he and his wife spent months in and out of the hospital awaiting the birth of their first child. Those months of stress culminated with an emergency experimental procedure. After hours of waiting and worrying 2 lb. Elijah was born.


It is through a unique combination of fitness, nutrition, and motivation, that The MAX Challenge delivers its members incredible and life altering results. While most big box gyms merely offer exercise equipment, THE MAX Challenge engages members with a high level of interaction, a non-threatening environment, and a support system made up of trainers and fellow members that ignite and inspire members to achieve their goals. In addition, the nutrition plan provided by THE MAX Challenge is easy to follow and utilizes ingredients available at the local supermarket, making it simple and sustainable. 


Life altering results don’t end with the results that are visible to the eye, however. Indiana University Health partnered with THE MAX Challenge to conduct a study in which 112 individuals attended three health screening throughout their 10-week Challenge. Each member had an average weight loss of 14 lbs. (combining for an overall weight loss of 1,560 lbs.!), 60% of members lowered their cholesterol, and 70% of members who had unhealthy A1C levels improved. In addition to these quantitative results, members also reported improved sleep, mood, self-image, a reduction of medications, and less joint pain. 


As we emerge from the fallout of difficult times, the world doesn’t have to be a lonelier place. Members from more than 60 locations in 9 states are still coming together, whether it be in person or through innovative online classes. Leah, a member of THE MAX Challenge who has been participating in virtual classes says it best, “THE MAX is my 45 minutes every morning in the comfort of my own home, where it’s about me as a person…we all know each other, we all know each other’s back stories. We’ve been there through deaths, through new jobs, through everything, and now through this…It’s a new location, but it hasn’t changed what THE MAX is for all of us.” 


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