THE MAX Feasterville: Persevering Through Thick and Thin

Divya Kapur, owner of THE MAX Challenge of Feasterville did the impossible, against all odds she courageously opened a business in the middle of a pandemic. Now that the one year anniversary of Feasterville’s grand opening is right around the corner, Divya is eager to share her journey over the past year. 


When Divya started at THE MAX, she felt the welcoming energy that we are known for. “I had a warm welcome, this is the place I wanted to be, I had never experienced a studio or a gym like this,” she said. Immediately she knew it was going to be a huge part of her life. “Never in my dreams had I thought I’d be a business owner,” but she found herself taking the plunge. As the pandemic began to shut down businesses all across the country, Divya made the decision to open her center virtually. “The first kick off was unique in the history of THE MAX Challenge, we had the first ever virtual grand opening. Everyone was on zoom and the virtual house was packed! After the kick-off was over, members were allowed to come in and pick up their welcome packets and it was so nice to have the opportunity to meet everyone individually,” Divya remembers. In a time of separation, THE MAX was providing glimmers of hope for a positive future. 


Barb Kennedy, a member of THE MAX Feasterville is one of the many members who made the decision to join the new center. “I saw an advertisement for THE MAX before it was open and pre-pandemic. I met Divya at Neshaminy Mall to get some information and really felt comfortable with her immediately. However, the self-doubt crept back in and I let it go but Divya did NOT,” Barb says. “Once THE MAX of Feasterville was open, Divya called me, encouraged me, made me feel like I deserved a chance and that this experience would possibly change my life.” She was right. 


Divya has a knack for pulling out the strength within her members. “Members are always so excited when they discover an exercise is becoming easier for them, but I let them know it’s not any easier, you’re just stronger!” Barb was able to attest to this, when asked what her proudest moment to date at THE MAX was she said “I’m continuously having proud moments at THE MAX but it’s definitely my newfound strength! Several weeks ago, we were really “leveling up”, trying things out, taking chances and holding longer planks. Our instructors always remind us that we are capable of difficult things. We are stronger than we realize so I was able to hold a plank for 2 minutes and 40 seconds and if you would’ve asked me a month previously, if I thought I could ever do that…my answer would be, ‘no way!’”


Divya’s tenacity and positive outlook provide the push many people need to take the first step. Once members try THE MAX, they are immediately hooked. Barb says, “What makes The Max so special is certainly the people and the way you feel like you’re not just a number. Everyone knows my name. We know each other’s goals and achievements, we take the time to motivate each other and clap it up for everyone whether it’s your first day or your 104th day. That’s because of the environment created there by Divya and our instructors. We talk, we laugh, we swap pointers, we sweat, we sing, we dance, we punch and kick during kick-boxing Fridays, we even share doubts and get each other back on track. You can be on your own fitness journey but you’re definitely not alone at THE MAX and that makes it a really special place to be a part of.”

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