There’s a New Face of Fitness in Westerville, Ohio

THE MAX Challenge is pleased to announce the newest location on the map, The Max Challenge of Westerville, Ohio! They proudly opened their doors on Sunday, April 10th to an eager new family of 26 MAX Challenge members. The grand opening event was led by Maria Rademaker, the owner of THE MAX of Westerville. Maria is a wife, mom to twin kindergarten girls, a fitness instructor and a former corporate marketing professional. She is originally from Centerville, OH and an OSU grad, so to her, Columbus felt like home.  

Maria described what motivated her to take a leap of faith and become an owner. “I became a fitness instructor four years ago and quickly learned helping others feel their best through fitness is my passion! But what I continuously noticed is the lack of results people were getting despite grinding at the gym, which ultimately led to frustration and quitting. Usually a piece of the puzzle was missing… they weren’t doing an effective mix of workout styles, they weren’t focused on their nutrition, or they weren’t being held accountable. Then I discovered THE MAX Challenge. It combines fun and effective group fitness classes, nutrition coaching, and a high level of motivation and accountability to help people make lasting changes to their body composition, fitness level and overall health in just 10 weeks. We needed this in Ohio!”

Maria’s positive attitude provides contagious inspiration to each person participating in her classes. You know she is rooting for you each step of the way. One of Maria’s Westerville members notes, “Maria is super positive, motivated, and passionate about helping others. She even holds multiple meetings per week for all of the team members to just chat with each other. Maria’s smile lights up a room and her positive energy can encourage and motivate anyone through the challenge.”

THE MAX Challenge is extremely excited to see where Maria will take her business, there is no doubt a bright and healthy future for Westerville, Ohio lies ahead. 

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