Your First Day at THE MAX

When you make the decision to move forward with a health and fitness program, you’re likely to think, is this really the right one for me? Is it everything they promised? Will I finally be able to achieve the results I’ve been dreaming of? And, like most people, you may also be nervous about your first day and wondering what to expect. Here’s a quick overview of what a new member can expect in their first week here at THE MAX Challenge.


At THE MAX, we promise an experience that includes high accountability, among the many other features designed specifically to support our members. Accountability is the key to maintaining a wellness routine. There will be days when you just don’t feel like attending class, days where you feel like perhaps, you’re reaching a plateau, or working out seems impossible. That’s where your MAX family comes in. Not only will our team know you and your goals, they’ll also be reaching out to you to check-in if you miss a day.


As soon as you enroll, you’ll also be welcomed into our online community; a group filled with new members and veteran members. You can ask questions, scroll through recipes, read stories of others’ experiences, and immediately feel supported. Rest assured, if you have a question or need a boost on an off day, a fellow MAXer is sure to quickly respond.


Next up is the Challenge Kickoff. The Kickoff event is held the weekend prior to the start of each challenge, and is designed to prepare you for your first day. You’ll hear first-hand experiences from other MAX members and meet the team. You’ll have everything you need to feel READY to take on day 1.


On your first day, you will arrive at the center; you’ll be greeted by name, the music will be playing, the energy is high, and members are greeting each other warmly. You have nothing to worry about! Your instructor will then prepare you for the next 45 minutes. Our classes are designed for ALL fitness levels. Whether you love to work out or this is the first workout of your life, there is a modification for every exercise! At the end of your first class, you can expect to feel proud and accomplished because guess what? You did it!


When you come to class the next day, you can expect a brand-new workout. You will love the variety of exercises and the anticipation of what’s to come. You can always walk through the front door knowing that your class at THE MAX will be upbeat and inclusive.


But THE MAX is so much more than just high-energy fitness classes. Your instructor will go over nutrition with you. We don’t just hand out booklets and send our members off with a simple “Good luck!” Rather, we provide hands-on resources, videos, prep guides, weekly emails, and you can ask questions any time! With our online community, you are never alone in this process.


By the end of week 1, you will have completed 5 different targeted workouts! There is no feeling quite like checking off the box and thinking, “I DID IT!” You will take the weekend to rest and maybe try out some fun new recipes. On Monday, you will walk through the door excited, knowing that you CAN do this, and your journey has just begun. The questions you initially thought will be answered – YES – this really is the right one for me. YES – it is 100% everything they promised. And YES – I will finally be able to achieve the results I’ve been dreaming of.

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