Who’s your MAXentine?

“What’s the secret to maintaining a sustainable, healthy lifestyle?” It’s a question that people all over the world ask themselves when choosing to adopt a wellness routine. The answer, however, isn’t as esoteric as one may think. In fact, it’s also the answer to how to live a happier life in general! The secret is creating positive, supportive relationships with people whose goals align with your own. THE MAX Challenge has known from day one how important these relationships are when starting and continuing to live a healthier, happier, life. 


Valentine’s Day marks a season of love. The beautiful thing about love is it comes in all shapes and sizes, in ways you may not have thought of before. This Valentine’s season, we invite you to think about who your MAXentine is, and are happy to share some stories of prolific friendships that have been created right here at THE MAX. 


Kathy Bossert, an instructor at THE MAX of Hazlet, NJ remembers how friendships she made through THE MAX helped her get through the COVID pandemic. She says, “During the pandemic, we had two members of the Hazlet Max start to work out virtually in a local park. I’ll never forget the day that they saw me teaching them on Zoom as opposed to working out next to them! We became known as The Park Crew and are a great group of friends (13 of us!)! We go hiking, have BBQs, and go away together now! Great friendships are forged during our 45 minutes on the mat!” 


Eileen Strasser, a member at THE MAX Challenge of Pinebrook, NJ highlights how close-knit an entire class of MAXers has become. “In our 9:30 am group, we depend on each other, we support each other and we motivate each other! I find it incredible! I love my group!” 


Rebecca Ginsberg, a longtime MAXer and Graphic Designer for THE MAX Corporate office, wants people to know that members are there for each other through thick and thin. “We all share a common bond and hold ourselves accountable. Some of us do get together after class. It could be for breakfast, lunch, dinner, birthdays, or even on sadder occasions. Once you’re a MAXer, you’re always a MAXer!”


Longtime friends Sue, Chrissie, Dorian, & April lost a staggering 250 lbs together at THE MAX! One of these women was able to beat diabetes and get completely off her medication. The four of them now walk with their heads held high and have confidence at work and at home. After many years of not exercising, the women proudly announce they go to class every day. 


With support on your side, anything is possible. THE MAX provides you with a community from the first day you set foot in the center. Owners, staff, instructors, and perhaps most importantly your peers, are cheering you on no matter the stage in your fitness journey. Who will be your MAXentine this February?

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