Supporting our Members: MAX Meals, MAX Greens, and MAX Protein

THE MAX Challenge has always sought ways to support its members and make it as easy as possible for them to live happier, healthier lives. That’s why in 2013, THE MAX launched their line of protein powder, followed by an entire collection of MAX Meals in 2017 and MAX Greens in 2021. Corporate Project and Marketing Coordinator for THE MAX Challenge, Lindsey Ginsberg, is an expert on all of THE MAX’s supplemental undertakings. She believes that members are far more likely to be successful in their transformations when incorporating MAX Meals or supplements into their nutrition plan. “We always say ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail.’ THE MAX Challenge Meals helps members plan without the sometimes overwhelming task of meal prepping.” Between MAX Meals, MAX 180° Protein, and MAX Greens Formula, there is virtually no way members can fail when following THE MAX nutrition plan.

THE MAX Challenge first ventured into the development of their own protein powder after realizing the need for something that was truly clean, free of artificial sweeteners and dyes that also tasted delicious. Currently, THE MAX offers both a whey protein and a plant-based protein option. MAX 180° (Whey) Protein, with 24 grams of protein per serving, is specifically designed to be an all-in-one, high protein meal replacement, made with some of the cleanest, healthiest ingredients on the market. It comes in three delicious flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and salted caramel. For those seeking an alternative to whey-based protein, MAX 180° (Plant-based) Protein is a perfect choice. Incorporating a clean protein, like MAX 180° Protein into a healthy eating plan, promotes a healthy immune system, controls sweets cravings, and supports fat loss, among a multitude of other benefits.

So many people struggle to get in the recommended amount of leafy greens, but those leafy greens have a ton of health benefits! That’s why THE MAX Challenge launched MAX Greens in January of 2021. MAX Greens are made with over 30 nutrient-rich greens and superfruits for a healthy boost in one’s everyday diet. The greens are packed with crucial vitamins and minerals for a surge of clean energy. In addition, MAX Greens contains selected herbs and botanicals perfect for the upkeep of a healthy immune system support, in addition to key enzymes and prebiotic fiber for healthy digestion. The best part is MAX Greens are delicious when consumed as part of a protein shake! There is truly no easier way for individuals to access their recommended daily dose of greens. Both MAX Protein and MAX Greens are available to ship across the United States.


From the very beginning, THE MAX Challenge has provided a plethora of nutrition resources to members, including recipe videos, cookbooks, live cooking demonstrations, meal prep guides, and more. As part of their commitment to making nutrition simple, THE MAX Challenge Meals were developed, offering freshly prepared, compliant meals delivered right to members’ doorsteps. Hayley Guerra, Director of Marketing and Development for THE MAX Challenge, says, “The best part about our MAX Meals is that they’re incredibly convenient and take the guesswork out of nutrition. As a working mom of 2 young children, and a busy schedule, it’s the

easiest thing for me to grab a meal in the morning to bring to the office. I never have to worry about compromising my nutrition – I know that my meals are 100% compliant.” MAX Meals are currently shipping to New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. They run a constant rotation of options, adding new choices every two weeks to keep it fresh and exciting for members. Current favorites include Jade Noodles, Avocado Salsa Turkey Burger, and Buffalo Mac and Cheese.


Founder and CEO of THE MAX Challenge, Bryan Klein, says the following about the MAX Meals program, “Our greatest goal has always been to help members transform their lives through fitness and nutrition. A great deal of dedication goes into making a personal change of this magnitude, and we are committed to providing every resource possible to help along this journey. While we have always advocated for personal meal preparation, we understand that approach is not always possible for our members with so many different demands on their time. So, we searched for an answer and developed THE MAX Challenge Meals. We have formed a partnership with a team of chefs who have created a line of professionally prepared meals that use the best quality ingredients, are ENTIRELY MAX COMPLIANT, and are delivered straight to the doorstep. No guesswork, no label reading, no preparation, just amazing food to keep members on track.”

THE MAX Challenge Meals have hundreds of positive reviews too! Member Theresa O. says, “They are delicious, nutritious, a time saver & budget-friendly! So many choices too! This is what helps me get through my week when time is not on my side. Love them!” Shannon L. says, “They are flavorful, fresh meals that I would never cook for myself. They are filling and help you turn nutrition into a no-brainer. You are always prepared with a MAX Meal.”


THE MAX Challenge continues to be a leader of innovation in the fitness industry, offering more resources to members than nearly all competitors. THE MAX realizes how important it is to teach members how to succeed and to provide a helping hand along the way. Hayley Guerra says, “MAX Protein, MAX Greens, and MAX Meals are all part of our commitment to supporting our members in their health and fitness journey. It’s going beyond just providing a place to do it; it’s providing the additional resources they need to succeed because we are truly invested in our members’ success.”

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