An Interview with MAX of Marlboro Owner Randi Leib

THE MAX Challenge is proud to be host to a multitude of entrepreneurial success stories. From multi-unit owners to express-model expanders to managing partners turned out-right owners, so many individuals have been able to achieve their dream of helping others to live happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives through THE MAX’s Franchisee program. 


One of these success stories belongs to Randy Leib, who is now the proud owner of THE MAX Challenge of Marlboro, NJ. Randi started off as a member but knew early on that she wanted more. Bryan Klein, Founder, and CEO of THE MAX, fondly describes how Randi’s determination eventually allowed her to achieve her dream as the first managing partner of THE MAX Challenge. “I’ll never forget one day, this was very early on, we maybe had, half a dozen MAX Challenge centers up and operational, and Randi popped into my office with some ideas for improving the operations,” Bryan explains. “She expressed a real passion for the brand. I listened very carefully to what she suggested and it was a nice conversation. At the end of the day, she went her way and I went mine.”


Randi’s first conversation sparked a fire within her, and soon she found herself back in the corporate office. “This time she applied for a franchise,” continues Bryan. “She filled out the application. She wanted to become an owner. But during the discovery process, she came to learn that it was $200,000 or so to get the business up and running, and she realized that it might not be the right time for her. That’s when I thought she would be a fantastic candidate to create a unique opportunity for. I saw her passion. I saw her drive. I saw that she had the potential with the right mentoring and coaching to be a fantastic operator. I gave her the opportunity to manage a brand new center from the ground up, grand opening all the way on through. Right from the start, the idea was that she would share in the profit and would eventually be given the opportunity to own that center.”


The potential Bryan saw in Randi bloomed, and she took the opportunity given to her by the horns. “She had a fantastic grand opening with probably 150 or so members,” Bryan raves. “She then continued to grow it to 400 plus members. It became a fantastic business, and ultimately she ended up purchasing THE MAX of Marlboro and is now the 100% owner of that business.” 


Randi’s determination and drive in addition to Bryan’s encouragement and faith ended up in a win-win situation for the pair. “It’s very gratifying to see somebody who had an idea in their head, a dream,” Bryan ruminates. “Basically she took action on that dream and with coaching and mentoring from myself and others on the corporate team, she turned her dream into reality. It’s a very gratifying experience.”


Randi tells the story as a member who changed her health, her life, and her career. “From day one at THE MAX, I walked into this crazy environment of supportive people that just really wanted you to succeed,” she recounts. “That first day turned into a second week and that’s really how I began. The biggest thing that THE MAX does is build up the person who walks in on day one. That person is not the same individual who walks out on the last day. By the 50th class, you evolve into a different person; stronger, more confident, determined, motivated, wanting to become the best version of yourself. Totally different. That’s the biggest thing that THE MAX does, it gives people the confidence to just be the best that they can be.” 


The root of the passion that Randi displayed to Bryan lies in her desire to spread positivity. “In this world, there is so much negativity out there,” Randy explains.  “I just really want people to be able to drown that out; think positive, think about their own growth and development. This can make them better people. Laughter is the best medicine, right? So no matter what is going on in your life, at THE MAX you come in, laugh a little bit, and focus on yourself for 45 minutes. You have the chance to start your day on a positive note.” 


Like so many other MAX Challenge owners and employees, Randi is fueled by the desire to make a difference in people’s lives. She was drawn to THE MAX because of its sense of community and support. “Honestly, I have amazing members. I care about them and they care about me,” Randi proclaims. “The trainers too, both past and present, we have a bond. You have a relationship with everyone who walks into this building. We’re a true family.”


The Managing Partner Opportunity is gaining strong traction within THE MAX Challenge Franchisee program because of its ability to amplify the voices and reach of passionate people. THE MAX is looking forward to further developing and expanding this venture. There is no limit to the number of lives it will positively impact in the future. 

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