Reasons why you shouldn’t stop exercising over the Holidays

The holidays are here and THE MAX Challenge wants to wish everyone a very happy holiday season. With that said, they also want to remind you of the importance of maintaining an exercise and wellness routine throughout the months of November, December, and January. Although the holidays are a time of celebration, we can’t ignore the serious health concerns that come with consuming more food than usual and indulging in one too many cocktails. Research shows that the holidays are the time of year you’re most likely to put on weight. While a little bit of weight gain might not seem like a big deal, if individuals don’t take the time to be physically active over the holiday season and into the new year, the weight can add up, new negative habits can be formed, and health can be negatively impacted. 

People tend to think, “Once the New Year begins, I’ll crack down on my health with a resolution.” However,  Lauren Slayton, a New York City dietician says “If you were boozing and sugaring it up, you might not have an easy time going cold turkey. Sweet begets sweet — once you start mainlining it, you want it and a salad no longer looks good. And these festive foods can affect your microbiome. Even when you start to eat better, there can be a lag based on the effects all that fun had on your body,” It’s always easier to maintain healthy habits than to drop them and expect to be able to pick them up again. And the stress ‘yo-yo’ dieting, or binging then restricting, puts on your body can create problems with weight loss down the line. It’s possible to enjoy holiday treats in moderation while subbing in MAX-compliant recipes for some of the higher calorie traditions!

As much as people love the holidays, it’s no secret they are accompanied by stress. The financial strain, family conflict, and long to-do lists that come with the holidays are only exacerbated by the appropriately named SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder that affects millions of Americans during the winter months. However, there are many effective ways to elevate your mental health and ward off those winter blues! A healthy diet incorporating plenty of greens keeps your blood sugar stable, which can help maintain your mood throughout the day. Exercise releases endorphins which boost your mood and make you feel more confident! Spending time with friends reduces stress and anxiety by boosting oxytocin levels within your body. THE MAX Challenge knows how important these three elements are and incorporates ALL of them! 

It’s extremely difficult to look the holiday season in the face and confidently adhere to a healthy lifestyle, especially when doing so alone. That’s why THE MAX Challenge is here to help every single step of the way. THE MAX’s workouts are programmed for you, and instructors are present to make sure you’re executing the exercises correctly and motivating you until the final minute of class! You will receive nutrition counseling, and countless recipes to fall back on in times of need. MAX Meals are also available for all those nights where you just don’t feel like cooking. The whole time you are in center, you will be surrounded by positive people with similar goals. These individuals will lift you up, hold you accountable, and empower you to live the healthy lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. With THE MAX by your side, you can enjoy the holidays, and feel confident that you are taking each day TO THE MAX!

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