MAX Success Story: Rich Bruno

    Rich Bruno Success Story


“I have always been conscious of my health and fitness, but had a tendency to stray from cardiovascular conditioning and healthy eating habits. JP Bartolomeo approached me early in 2012 at my son’s Karate class, encouraging me to join Max Fitness. I wasn’t ready to make the commitment and found work schedule reasons to put it off. Well, once the 5 AM class opened up in June 2012 I knew there were no more excuses!

So I joined the June 2012 Max Fitness Challenge and have never looked back. My primary goals were to lose weight and body fat, while improving my cardio conditioning. I set goals right from the get-go and was very focused on my complete commitment to the nutrition and the exercise. As I progressed through the program, I found myself exceeding my expectations and revising my goals along the way.  I will say that I have far exceeded all of my expectations.

I was so encouraged by what I witnessed in my first challenge that I asked to become more involved as a coach for the 2nd challenge. I have been amazed with the changes my peers have made right before my very eyes! Most importantly, I know that it is not just about the physical changes. It is actually more about the mental aspects: the improved self-esteem and confidence; realizing that you can absolutely break through “perceived” barriers; that anything is possible.

One of the more unique things about this 10 week fitness challenge is that it continues to be a challenge throughout the entire 10 week period. The Nutrition plan changes, and from a physical standpoint we continue to be pushed to perform at “our own level 10 best”, as Bryan Klein would say.

This program offers a sense of community unlike anything I’ve experienced. The support of the staff and your peers, the collective achievements of everyone in the class as we share common goals, and last but not least the positive energy that you feel in the room.

All of the resources we need are made available to us, to enable us to succeed. The rest is up to us. This program works, and I have had the benefit of seeing many individuals prove that with their results over the last two challenge sessions.”-Rich Bruno

     Rich is now an instructor and owner of the MAX Fitness Matawan Location!

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