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On September 10th, 2021, THE MAX Challenge proudly celebrated an incredible milestone for the company, their 10 year anniversary. THE MAX Challenge was founded by Bryan Klein in 2011. Named for his father, Max Klein, Bryan took the principles on which he was raised and developed a program designed to help others and inspire them to make incredible changes in their lives. 


It is through a unique combination of fitness, nutrition, and motivation, that The MAX Challenge delivers its members incredible and life-altering results. While most big box gyms merely offer exercise equipment, THE MAX Challenge engages members with a high level of interaction, a non-threatening environment, and a support system made up of trainers and fellow members that ignite and inspire members to achieve their goals. In addition, the nutrition plan provided by THE MAX Challenge is easy to follow and utilizes ingredients available at the local supermarket, making it simple and sustainable. 


Over the past month, the company has been counting down to this milestone by ‘throwing back’ to important company events via their social media accounts. Events ranged from awarding franchises to proud new owners, to the enormous “MAX Olympics” event that took place back in 2015, to the multiple MAX Conventions that have occurred over the years. Many members, owners, and staff members of THE MAX fondly looked back at memories from the past ten years.


Hayley Guerra, the Director of Marketing and Development for THE MAX Challenge, as well as many other MAXers, took to social media to express their delight at the Company’s achievement. “Happy 10 years to the organization that has truly transformed my life, THE MAX Challenge,” says Guerra. “I’m forever grateful for every member, whether we’ve worked out together, met, or have yet to meet. For every owner and trainer who courageously gets up in front of the class day after day and inspires others to challenge themselves and do things they never thought possible. For every owner who has been a beacon of light in their community, who has fought day after day, especially over the last 18 months to keep their members going and staying strong. To my MAX Family, all of you, thank you!”


Natalie Belford, the regional Director of Franchise Operations for THE MAX Challenge, said “Oh my gosh, I’m so emotional! I have Goosebumps! So many amazing owners, employees, and most of all our members. I couldn’t be more proud to say I am a part of such a wonderful community. Thank you for everything you do. Here’s to many many more! Happy 10 year anniversary, Max Nation. Take it to THE MAX!” 


Amanda, the owner of both THE MAX Challenge of Woodbridge and Bayonne said, “Wowza! 10 years MAX Nation. Thank you to everyone that’s been a part of my journey these past four and a half years.  To my members and staff both past and present, thank you for always inspiring me and truly allowing me to have meaning in all that I do!  Keeping Woodbridge and Bayonne healthier and happier one MAXer at a time!” 


Ian D’Arcy, the corporate videographer for THE MAX, put together an inspiring video featuring trainers, owners, and other staff members, thanking MAX members for all that they have built and accomplished over the past ten years. The video concluded with a heartfelt message from Bryan Klein, where he said the following, “Hey MAX Nation, I just wanted to take a moment to thank the most important people in this entire organization, and that’s you. You are helping to motivate, inspire, and encourage. You help us to show up better and stronger for you day after day. And all of those days have added up to ten amazing years. I am looking forward to ten more years of changing lives.” 


Until the 19th of September, THE MAX Challenge is also celebrating with a “Transforma10n” contest for its members. Members are encouraged to post before and after pictures on their Facebook page showing their physical (and mental) transformation at THE MAX. They must also tag a friend in order to continue inspiring loved ones to live happier healthier lives. Contestants are in the running for hundreds of dollars worth of prizes, including a 10-Week Challenge for a friend and a 6-month legacy membership for themselves. 


Over the past 10 years, THE MAX Challenge has not only changed thousands of lives but has built a small wellness empire that continues to innovate and create. From the installation of the MAX Meals program to the implementation of THE MAX App, to the incredible pivot to online classes during the pandemic, THE MAX Challenge has shown that they are here to stay.

Instructors are the beating heart of all THE MAX Challenge centers. They are the mentors, cheerleaders, coaches, and programmers behind every transformation. Of course, it takes a special kind of person to become an instructor, and oftentimes, that special kind of person is right within the member base. Countless members have made incredible transformations inside and out, but sometimes, when given an extra push, members can go from the inspired to the inspirational. They take the skills they learn on the mat, to the front of the class. 

THE MAX recently had the opportunity to interview a few of the instructors, previously members, in their community. In the first part of this interview, they spoke with Basha, an instructor at THE MAX of Flemington, and Michael, an instructor at THE MAX of Ocean.

When did you first become a member of THE MAX, and what caused you to join?

BASHA – I joined THE MAX Challenge of Flemington in April 2019. I was asked to be a bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding that August, and after having two kids in 2.5 years, I had gained a significant amount of weight and was feeling very unhappy about my body. I knew I wanted to feel good and look good on her wedding day. They had Facebook ads that I saw for two weeks, and I finally took the plunge.

MICHAEL – I became a member of THE MAX Challenge about four years ago. I was a gym goer and constant dieter all my life. My nephew was planning a destination wedding in Mexico, and the thought of me having to take my shirt off in public worried me. I had always been self-conscious of my body and had debilitating low self-esteem. It held me back most of my life. I was also a timid and closed-off person; I was most comfortable blending in and trying to be invisible.

So, I had read some Facebook ads about THE MAX and knew there was one right across the street from my gym. I went in on a Friday two weeks into the spring challenge to see what it was about. Even though I had gone to the gym for several years, I was never really an active person. I would go just to say I went and didn’t put in that much effort. I spoke to someone about possibly joining [THE MAX]. There was no class going on at the time, so I didn’t exactly know what to expect. I thought about it over the weekend, discussing it with my now husband Raymond about whether or not it was something I would be able to do. I was terrified that I would make a fool of myself and that I would be judged on my size and my lack of athleticism. My first time on the mats, I was so self-conscious that I felt like people were watching me and judging me.

During the warm-up and the stretch, I got such a warm welcome from so many members and the instructor. My insecurities slowly faded away, and I had an incredible workout, with some delightful conversation afterward. Days went by during my first two weeks, and without realizing it, I had dropped 15 lbs. As the weeks went on, I gained a better understanding of

fitness and nutrition. My first instructor, Chris, was absolutely amazing. Not only in guiding us through that portion of our journey but challenging us and cheering us on.

I realized as time went on that THE MAX was more than just fitness for the body, but also the mind and soul. With my MAX fam’s support, Hazlet, and now, Ocean, I am the most confident I’ve ever been, and I never doubt my self-worth. People who know me prior to THE MAX challenge are amazed by my transformation. I now take on challenges without hesitation, accept myself for who I am, and finally can look at that person in the mirror and love myself.

What is your favorite part of being an instructor? The most challenging?

BASHA – My favorite part of being an instructor is creating the lesson plans and watching the members change drastically in 10 short weeks. Making plans lets me get creative, helps me grow my knowledge, challenges me, and excites me. Sometimes when I’m writing the plans I literally sit at my computer and clap because I am so excited about what I just wrote.

Watching a brand-new member from day 1 to day 50 is truly a beautiful thing. You notice non-scale victories like a member going from stepping out a jumping jack to hopping them out, and that sets my soul on fire. It’s brought me to happy tears witnessing those changes in how the members move week to week. The most challenging thing about being an instructor is when you first start; you have so many things to juggle, the timing during rounds, your music, watching form, remembering what’s next on the plan, keeping the class engaging and motivating. The power talk was the most intimidating part for me, but over time I got more comfortable!

MICHAEL – My favorite part of being an instructor (I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I say that) is that I get to be part of everyone’s journey from a different perspective. To help someone believe in themselves and push themselves makes me so happy. Everyone has it in them to be the best version of themselves; I know what the instructors have done for me as far as helping with my lack of confidence. The most challenging for me would still be that slight lack of confidence. I go into each class, hoping to give them the best 45 minutes possible. I think in this respect, my lack of confidence comes in handy. I push myself with each class and give it my all every time.

Do you have a favorite member transformation to date?

BASHA – One of my favorite transformations was a new member who joined my 4:45 PM class. She came to our Kickoff class but sat and watched to see what it was all about. Then, she stayed for kickoff and listened to what the program was all about. She was joining because she had an upcoming knee replacement surgery, and she wanted to lose some weight and get her body strong for her new knee. Unfortunately, she had some movement limitations with her bad knee, but that NEVER stopped her from coming.

She radiated in class; she always came in with a smile, always asked everyone how they were, and stuck through her 45 minutes. Her transformation from week to week was noticeable to not only me but to members. I found myself talking about her to my family and friends. She was driven! The pandemic held back her surgery a bit, but that didn’t derail her…she stuck to her workouts from zoom with us. I became invested in her life; I asked for her brother’s number to get updates after her surgery, I put together a video montage of all her MAX Friends wishing her a speedy recovery. Bobbie recovered quickly and didn’t have to attend all her PT sessions; the doctor was super impressed with the strength she had built up over the months. She is a true MAXer, working out, sticking to nutrition, and having that MAX spirit in her. I am beyond proud of how much she accomplished and can’t wait to have her back!

MICHAEL – I’ve been a member for over four years and have seen some pretty amazing transformations. Not only do you see physical changes in these members, but their overall character changes. They smile more, are more sociable, and walk into the center, head up facing forward. Being a member in both Hazlet and Ocean, I’ve had so many people crush every workout and every challenge. A few pop in my head, from Hazlet, my friend and workout motivator, Taylor. She pushes me beyond what I think I can do when we are in class. But, with her hit-it’s and love for burpees, I do my best to keep up. From Ocean, we have Angela, Kimberly, and AnneMarie. I have worked alongside these ladies and have watched them transform physically and how they approach working out. I have seen them from the beginning of their journey to where they are today, and it is nothing short of incredible. Not to mention they are driving forces in their classes, cheering on their fellow MAXers and motivating those around them. It’s transformations like these and so many others that make me passionate about my MAX family and the community we exist in. It works on so many levels for so many different types of people.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about becoming an instructor with THE MAX?

BASHA – Take the leap and do it. It is the most rewarding job ever; it’s fun, you grow so much as an individual from this job. Watching lives change because of your push and your encouragement is an incredible feeling. When a member tells you, “because of you, I was able to hold a 1-minute plank” or “because of you, I no longer need my blood pressure medicine,” It warms your heart. I do it for the members; I want to be a better instructor for them. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and you will grow.

MICHAEL – Do it!!! I still have some anxiety before each class, but afterward, I feel amazing. It’s definitely something totally outside my comfort zone. I tell people all the time; you never know who you’re doing jumping jacks next to. We all have a story, a “why,” that brought us to that center and that class time. Be part of their journey and let them be part of yours. I’d also like to add that since joining THE MAX Challenge over four years ago, I have not only gained a better perspective of myself, I’ve gained an extension of my family that will be with me forever. A huge thank you and lots of love to my MAX family from Hazlet and Ocean. Thank you, Marc, and my Hazlet family. Thank you, Pamela and my Ocean family. Thank you, Pam, for believing in me more than I believed in myself. I’m truly blessed to have the support and love of my MAX family. See you on the mats!

Basha and Michael are invaluable assets to their community and have positively impacted so many lives; their knowledge and enthusiasm take them to the next level. THE MAX’s invested instructors are just one of the many factors that set them apart from other boutique fitness centers or big-box gyms. To anyone interested in becoming an instructor for THE MAX Challenge, you are encouraged to reach out to your home center, or email It may be the next step towards something incredible!


THE MAX Challenge has always sought ways to support its members and make it as easy as possible for them to live happier, healthier lives. That’s why in 2013, THE MAX launched their line of protein powder, followed by an entire collection of MAX Meals in 2017 and MAX Greens in 2021. Corporate Project and Marketing Coordinator for THE MAX Challenge, Lindsey Ginsberg, is an expert on all of THE MAX’s supplemental undertakings. She believes that members are far more likely to be successful in their transformations when incorporating MAX Meals or supplements into their nutrition plan. “We always say ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail.’ THE MAX Challenge Meals helps members plan without the sometimes overwhelming task of meal prepping.” Between MAX Meals, MAX 180° Protein, and MAX Greens Formula, there is virtually no way members can fail when following THE MAX nutrition plan.

THE MAX Challenge first ventured into the development of their own protein powder after realizing the need for something that was truly clean, free of artificial sweeteners and dyes that also tasted delicious. Currently, THE MAX offers both a whey protein and a plant-based protein option. MAX 180° (Whey) Protein, with 24 grams of protein per serving, is specifically designed to be an all-in-one, high protein meal replacement, made with some of the cleanest, healthiest ingredients on the market. It comes in three delicious flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and salted caramel. For those seeking an alternative to whey-based protein, MAX 180° (Plant-based) Protein is a perfect choice. Incorporating a clean protein, like MAX 180° Protein into a healthy eating plan, promotes a healthy immune system, controls sweets cravings, and supports fat loss, among a multitude of other benefits.

So many people struggle to get in the recommended amount of leafy greens, but those leafy greens have a ton of health benefits! That’s why THE MAX Challenge launched MAX Greens in January of 2021. MAX Greens are made with over 30 nutrient-rich greens and superfruits for a healthy boost in one’s everyday diet. The greens are packed with crucial vitamins and minerals for a surge of clean energy. In addition, MAX Greens contains selected herbs and botanicals perfect for the upkeep of a healthy immune system support, in addition to key enzymes and prebiotic fiber for healthy digestion. The best part is MAX Greens are delicious when consumed as part of a protein shake! There is truly no easier way for individuals to access their recommended daily dose of greens. Both MAX Protein and MAX Greens are available to ship across the United States.


From the very beginning, THE MAX Challenge has provided a plethora of nutrition resources to members, including recipe videos, cookbooks, live cooking demonstrations, meal prep guides, and more. As part of their commitment to making nutrition simple, THE MAX Challenge Meals were developed, offering freshly prepared, compliant meals delivered right to members’ doorsteps. Hayley Guerra, Director of Marketing and Development for THE MAX Challenge, says, “The best part about our MAX Meals is that they’re incredibly convenient and take the guesswork out of nutrition. As a working mom of 2 young children, and a busy schedule, it’s the

easiest thing for me to grab a meal in the morning to bring to the office. I never have to worry about compromising my nutrition – I know that my meals are 100% compliant.” MAX Meals are currently shipping to New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. They run a constant rotation of options, adding new choices every two weeks to keep it fresh and exciting for members. Current favorites include Jade Noodles, Avocado Salsa Turkey Burger, and Buffalo Mac and Cheese.


Founder and CEO of THE MAX Challenge, Bryan Klein, says the following about the MAX Meals program, “Our greatest goal has always been to help members transform their lives through fitness and nutrition. A great deal of dedication goes into making a personal change of this magnitude, and we are committed to providing every resource possible to help along this journey. While we have always advocated for personal meal preparation, we understand that approach is not always possible for our members with so many different demands on their time. So, we searched for an answer and developed THE MAX Challenge Meals. We have formed a partnership with a team of chefs who have created a line of professionally prepared meals that use the best quality ingredients, are ENTIRELY MAX COMPLIANT, and are delivered straight to the doorstep. No guesswork, no label reading, no preparation, just amazing food to keep members on track.”

THE MAX Challenge Meals have hundreds of positive reviews too! Member Theresa O. says, “They are delicious, nutritious, a time saver & budget-friendly! So many choices too! This is what helps me get through my week when time is not on my side. Love them!” Shannon L. says, “They are flavorful, fresh meals that I would never cook for myself. They are filling and help you turn nutrition into a no-brainer. You are always prepared with a MAX Meal.”


THE MAX Challenge continues to be a leader of innovation in the fitness industry, offering more resources to members than nearly all competitors. THE MAX realizes how important it is to teach members how to succeed and to provide a helping hand along the way. Hayley Guerra says, “MAX Protein, MAX Greens, and MAX Meals are all part of our commitment to supporting our members in their health and fitness journey. It’s going beyond just providing a place to do it; it’s providing the additional resources they need to succeed because we are truly invested in our members’ success.”

THE MAX Challenge has always been rich in what they consider the world’s most important resource, good people. Whether it’s our franchisees, managers, staff, instructors, or members, each MAX Challenge center is an entire community of people who want nothing but the best for each other; to live happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives.

Mark Larose is the Managing Partner of THE MAX Challenge of Clinton. Mark was the original manager and center instructor when the center opened in 2018. After a short leave, Mark returned to take the lead as Managing Partner and is currently doing amazing things for the progression of the center. When asked what this experience has been like, Mark said, “A learning experience. A journey of passion for me. Many of our current Legacy members were here when I was manager, so it was like a homecoming for sure. Coming off the pandemic and lockdown though, presented some challenges. Mainly though, the first few months were a mission of the heart.”

Mark knows his number one job as managing partner is to serve the members, and that was his primary mission upon taking over. “Our members needed to know I was SERIOUS about rebuilding and growing – Not just for the business, but for THEM. During the first 10-week challenge after my return, I focused a lot on nutrition and helping the members to be honest with themselves. We saw some growth.”

Any business that reopens its doors is pressed to see changes, and it takes a keen eye in business to scout out the refinements that will take a company to the next level. Since Mark began leading THE MAX of Clinton, he added 4 new class times to the schedule and began implementing Saturday morning pop-up classes. He also purchased BOSU balls and expanded his instructor roster. However, Mark says the most important step he took was “Getting back to the basics!” He knew making direct connections with members was the most important step towards success. “I called members. I celebrated victories. I used the goal wall. I also restarted my weekly podcast on Facebook and online radio called MAX Living!”

When asked how he built up his center’s relationship with the community, Mark assured that it was hardly a burden at all. “Luckily, I have a little advantage with this, as I live in Clinton. During lockdown, my wife, Susan, and I would support local businesses as much as possible. We also are active in the Clinton Guild and the Hunterdon Chamber of Commerce.”

When you speak to Mark or watch him lead a class, you can tell immediately that he ALWAYS gives 100%. Mark is a huge fan of the “MAX Formula” developed by MAX Challenge Founder and CEO, Bryan Klein. “Do the MAX formula and stick with it!” says Mark. “Personal service, making sure classes are level-10 BEST, helping members get results – those are the key steps.” Mark continues, “Train your staff to be attentive and feed them encouragement. Give unparalleled support. And…be there. The members need to see the owner on a regular basis and the owner needs to be available to talk with members.”

It’s hard for MAX owners to pick a favorite transformation among their members, as every single journey leaves an important mark on their hearts. When asked about his most memorable moment, Mark replied, “It’s a tie between the very first challenge in 2018 and the challenge that just ended. The first one was so special in many ways. Dozens of people in my classes were making changes, getting fitter and healthier. Friendships were made that have lasted to this day. My power talks were so emotional, having watched members, now friends, accomplish feats they didn’t think were possible. This last challenge was also special, it was my first since returning. Watching our members come out of the lockdown, determined to regain the bodies and attitudes that suffered so much after a year of the pandemic. Many of their actions were heroic in a lot of ways. This past challenge brought healing to many, and members gained a renewed determination to make their lives better. Having lost so much so quickly due to the shutdowns, it was something to see.”

As a fitness professional turned businessman, Mark is in an excellent position to give advice to those who may be considering opening up their own fitness center. “First, don’t open just to make money,” says Mark. “Open a MAX to change lives! Have a passion to help your community get healthier. Be BOLD about it too. Do and say things that other ‘gyms’ might be afraid to. Be ready to work hard. There is always someone out there who wants what you have and is ready to take it. You need to work harder than them to grow your business. You need to figure out the amount of time, money, and energy it will take to succeed and then multiply that by 10. Most entrepreneurs underestimate the sacrifice needed to open and build a successful business. And… SELL SELL SELL.”

Mark knows that it is important to keep your eye on the future, to stay motivated, and take action towards your goals. It is no surprise that he holds aggressive goals for 2021. “So far we are on track. Every day from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep, it’s all about helping people overcome their fear of being healthier, and how to do it.” Mark is incredibly positive about the future of THE MAX of Clinton, in fact, he says the future is “So bright, I have to wear shades!

Every five years, husband and wife Gary and Debra Mirabella put aside time to sit down and to write out their goals. They started noticing a pattern – owning a business was always on both of their lists. In 2017, they decided that the time was right to turn their dream into reality, and they purchased THE MAX Challenge of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn in a resale. 

 “It was an established location in a great neighborhood. The people were so warm and welcoming,” Debra said. “It was a no-brainer!” 

For Debra, it was her experience as a member at THE MAX Challenge of Woodrow, Staten Island that initially sparked in interest in becoming an owner. 

“In January of 2016, I walked into THE MAX a fat, depressed smoker. I lost 29.2 lbs. and 23 inches in my first challenge, and then later sustained a weight loss of about 50 lbs. overall.” she said. “I had a mental clarity and positivity that I hadn’t ever had before.” 

After seeing the way her own life had been completely transformed by the program, Debra began to desire deeper involvement. 

 “It felt like a calling – every morning I was waking up dreaming that I should be owning a MAX,” she said. “I knew it was where I belonged. I never would have considered another fitness concept because nothing ever touched me the way this did. THE MAX is special – the community, the culture, it just spoke to me.” 

As someone who hadn’t been a member first, Gary was drawn to THE MAX Challenge as a prospective franchise owner because of the program’s nutritional component. “That’s what sets it really apart – it’s the missing piece of the puzzle that I was looking for,” he said. When Debra was a member, he lost 26 pounds in 10 weeks just from following the nutrition plan along with her. 

“THE MAX finally brought me and my husband to the same place – we’d never both been happy and healthy at the same time before,” she said. “It gave us a whole new lifestyle. And now, from an ownership perspective, it’s given us a new opportunity in our careers.” 

Before becoming business owners, Debra and Gary both worked traditional, 9-to-5 jobs. Debra studied finance in school and then held a marketing position at an insurance company for 17 years. Gary’s background is in sales – specifically, in the food service equipment and supplies industry. While they feel that their careers provided them with valuable skills and experience to succeed as entrepreneurs, they’re both enjoying the freedom that small business ownership offers. 

“We’re living our life on our terms. We get to be our own bosses, and we’re not stuck in the 9 to 5 slog anymore,” Gary said. 

They also said that becoming business partners has strengthen their marriage. The couple met in 1985 and have been married since 2000. “We’ve never been happier as a couple,” Deborah said. “This brought us even closer together. We’re a great team – we really do compliment and balance each other.”

Financially, they’ve seen a lot of success so far. They’re going to be able to pay for their son’s college in full and now have the option to retire younger if they choose to. 

When asked to elaborate on their favorite part of their journey as entrepreneurs with THE MAX Challenge, they both agreed – it’s having the opportunity to help people. 

“It’s amazing having the chance to see members change their lives and feeling gratitude they have. Just hearing them say “thank you” means so much,” Gary said. 

Debra said she’s amazed by how THE MAX Challenge brings people together. “It’s a place where people from all walks of life come together and try to live their best life,” she said. “Our center’s a melting pot. It’s a beautiful thing to see people who philosophically wouldn’t belong together high fiving and hugging and going out to dinner, and just forming these amazing friendships because of one little three-letter word – MAX.” 

The Mirabella’s aren’t just changing lives inside they’re center – they’re also helping the larger Bay Ridge community. In April 2019, as a part of THE MAX Challenge Day of Giving, their center helped raise over $21,000 for Bridge to Youth, a local, 100%, volunteer-based, non-profit organized dedicated to supporting the social and physical needs of developmentally disabled children.  

That’s not all they have to celebrate – as of January 15, 2020, the Mirabella’s center has an impressive 99% NPS score and boasts 417 members – over 250 more since taking over. They plan on opening a second Brooklyn location in the near future. 

“I feel like I found my purpose,” said Debra. “I’m using all my life experience, all my skills – everything I’ve been through, both good and bad, led me to THE MAX of Bay Ridge. It was all so I can be this person who helps others survive. I’ve never once regretted any of it, and I hope to be a part of this for a very long time.” 

THE MAX Challenge is honored to have partnered with The Trevor Project during the month of June for the 3rd year in a row. The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25.

In 2019 THE MAX decided that it was time to elevate the importance of pride month and the ways in which they supported it as a company. With so many amazing organizations out there, it was nearly impossible to choose just one. Ultimately, they chose to connect with The Trevor Project because of their esteemed values, national presence, and the incredible resources they offer to young people. 

LGBTQ adolescents face many challenges; bullying, discrimination, mental health struggles, fear, and familial rejection. In addition to the trials LGBTQ youth face on a daily basis, the past year has brought an additional onslaught of challenges. According to The Trevor Project’s website, a recent survey reported that “More than 80% of LGBTQ youth stated that COVID-19 made their living situation more stressful — and only 1 in 3 LGBTQ youth found their home to be LGBTQ-affirming.” The Trevor Project offers an abundance of support services, including a recently instituted text support line which gives easy, accessible, and discrete around the clock assistance to youth in need. 

THE MAX Challenge decided to build out an entire campaign in order to raise funds for The Trevor Project. Hayley Guerra, Director of Marketing and Development for THE MAX, said, “We separated our challenge marketing from pride month marketing. We made it entirely separate to celebrate the month in its own right. That was really important to me, and to our team. We provided different ways for centers and members to participate. This included an online donation webpage and the production of our pride month t-shirts – a portion of the proceeds from t-shirt sales are also donated. Finally, we encouraged events in the centers including fundraising classes. It’s always great to organize a class where everyone wears their pride shirts together.” 

In 2019, THE MAX attended one of the larger regional Pride Festivals in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Hayley said, “It was incredible. We met thousands of people. Tons of festival goers engaged with us and had a bunch of fun taking pictures in our “photo booth.” We just loved being out there, showing our support, and having fun. Although we were not able to participate this year, largely due to the event’s cancellation in 2020, we look forward to participating again in the future.”

THE MAX stands by the values of The Trevor Project and looks forward to a continued partnership in the coming years. They know that it is imperative that we, as a community, continue to support some of the most vulnerable members of our population, LGBTQ youth, not only during Pride Month, but every single day. 

Being a business owner has always been a quintessential part of the American Dream. However, for most people, it’s a dream that seems out of reach. Eager individuals are often hesitant to take the plunge because of the countless obstacles they feel stand in their way; money, time, location, logistics. THE MAX Challenge knows that the most important part of a successful business is the passionate people behind it. Passion and drive cannot be taught, however, and that’s one of the primary reasons for THE MAX Challenge’s NEW express model, which comes with a low upfront investment and puts business ownership well within reach for the right person.

Mario, owner of THE MAX Challenge of Cranford New Jersey found what his passion was at an early age. “I remember being a teenager when I realized how important self-development was. It was the first time in my life I realized, wow, this is something I want to be involved with; helping people get better. It’s the first time I realized what my purpose was, which was to make a difference and to help as many people as I could. Shortly after I found THE MAX Challenge.” 

In the express model, franchise owners open within existing businesses where there’s a symbiotic relationship. Mario started his first center out of his then karate studio. “​​Opening up THE MAX in our karate studio meant working around existing classes at Cesar-Kai while our new space was located and being built out. Fortunately, our MAX classes were held at times that did not interfere with existing karate classes, and because our karate studio was 1,200 square feet, there was plenty of room for everyone. Our MAX classes took off rather quickly, each class hosted 40 to 50 people and by the time we moved into our own space, we had 250 members calling themselves MAXers!”

Roseann, owner of 3 MAX Challenge locations across Staten Island, started out as a member with a huge dream. After becoming an instructor, she realized what her true purpose was. “I believed in THE MAX. It saved my life. I knew it was something I had to pay forward to my community.” That’s when Roseann decided to move forward and open up her first MAX center utilizing the express model. “We started in a karate school and stayed for one year to the date. We didn’t have to put much money into it, we just paid a small amount in rent. We made money that way – our overhead was virtually nothing. So profit came in, we were able to start a second center 6 months later with the money we made from the first.” Roseann speaks fondly of the other dreams she was able to accomplish because of her success with THE MAX. 

Amy, owner of THE MAX Challenge of Springfield, also found that starting small led to exponential growth. “We chose the express model because we could get into a small place and grow as we needed to. Our rent was very low, it was very manageable. About 6 months into it, we realized the space was getting too small for us and we then were able to move into a space that fit our new needs.”

As individuals continue to grow and develop, they begin to discover new facets of their personality and new roads available to explore in life. THE MAX Challenge believes that it is never too late to start something, whether that’s in fitness or in business. THE MAX Challenge Corporate Office has laid out a dependable business plan that makes entrepreneurship accessible to people with varying professional backgrounds. Dinesh, owner of THE MAX Challenge of Hillsborough, is an example of this. “I worked retail for 17 years. I didn’t enjoy a Thanksgiving for 17 years. Then I realized that THE MAX Challenge was something that I was passionate about. When you’re able to pursue something that’s so rewarding from both the financial and emotional aspect, that’s pretty amazing.”

The Express Model offers franchisees the opportunity to open up a center in an existing space at a low upfront investment. Prospective buyers are able to start their own successful fitness center for as little as $64,000! This incredible opportunity allows individuals who may have never thought owning a business was possible, to minimize risk and optimize results. Perhaps Amy says it best, “I’m here, I’m helping people, and I feel great about that. DO the express, it’s the easiest way to get started. Don’t second guess yourself.” Amy also has a secret formula for franchisee success. “Be as good and as kind as you can to every member. Make them feel like family and you will be successful.”

THE MAX Challenge is proud to announce the relaunching of its signature podcast: THE MAX Factor. THE MAX Factor provides a weekly dose of high-powered motivation aimed at helping people achieve their highest personal and professional goals. The podcast is hosted by Founder and CEO of the revolutionary MAX Challenge program, Bryan Klein. Bryan is a business expert, fitness enthusiast, and an incredible motivational speaker. He is passionate about helping people to live happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives. Bryan is living proof that it is life’s most difficult moments that inspire the human spirit to achieve great things. 


Each week, a new 5-10 minute episode of THE MAX Factor will be released and will touch on subjects including health, fitness, entrepreneurship,  motivation, and more. These episodes are perfect to listen to on the way to work out, the commute to or from the office, or over that morning cup of coffee. THE MAX Factor podcast will give listeners the feeling that they have their own life coach, business coach, and personal trainer right in their pocket!  


THE MAX Challenge continues to be a leader of innovation in the fitness industry. Between THE MAX’s in-center and virtual classes, THE MAX App, highly active social media support groups, and now THE MAX Factor podcast, there are countless resources to help people to live happier, healthier lives

THE MAX Challenge was founded in 2011, two short years after the end of The Great Recession. The 2007-2009 economic downturn has been weighing heavily on the forefront of many people’s minds as we continue through 2021, navigating the aftermath of 2020. When times are tough, individuals are forced to face the fact that many things are out of their control. And yet, tough times often create cause for re-evaluation. They bring to light areas of our lives that we are in control of, and they give us pause to reflect on what we truly want.  


It was during The Great Recession that Bryan Klein, Founder and CEO of THE MAX Challenge, was thrust towards his ‘ah-ha’ moment, and constructed his business plan for THE MAX Challenge. It’s no secret that millions of Americans are apprehensive about returning to the career path they were on before quarantine began. In addition to that, workers are now quitting their jobs at record rates. According to the Labor Department’s Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary, in April of 2021, 4 million people, a total of 2.7% of the workforce, quit their job. People feel compelled to try something new.  


Bryan believes that individuals who feel unsatisfied in their current career typically fall into one of three “Buckets”. Bucket #1 – A lack of fulfilment. Individuals who fall into this category feel trapped in their job and are seeking something better; something emotionally and spiritually satisfying. They feel that life is too short to be doing something that isn’t making a difference. They are looking for a higher sense of purpose, they want to feel that their work is for a greater cause. Many people who found themselves working from home for the first time in their lives discovered that when you take away the social benefits of work, you are just left with the content of your work. And to many, that is simply not enough.  


Bryan fell into this category himself when he made the decision to start THE MAX Challenge. During a philanthropic event, he began ruminating on the forces driving his life. “I have always found such satisfaction in helping others. Throughout my entire life, I’ve been more motivated to help the people around me and do more for them, than I would myself. I thought -What if I created a business that impacted people so positively, that every single day, I felt such immense fulfilment, while also helping to improve my own life.  And then it came to me: fitness, nutrition, and motivation! I would wake up every day with the passion and energy to show up for a career I loved and I could support my family.” 


Bucket #2 – A lack of freedom. People in this grouping feel like they don’t have the freedom they want in life. They are missing out on family experiences and vacations. They are strapped to a job, working for someone else, that doesn’t offer flexibility. They think to themselves, “There’s more to life than working all the time.” In a recent episode of The Wall Street Journal’s The Journal podcast, a man who recently quit his job states that he was simply tired of “helping other people with billions make more billions.” He found that there was an increased blurring of the line between his personal life and his work life, he was working increased hours for someone else, and it was not what he truly wanted. This man would most certainly fall into the ‘freedom’ bucket. There is no doubt that when you are dedicated to a job, you are motivated to work longer, harder, and smarter. There is no better way to assure that your hard work and passion will pay off than if you are working those hours for yourself.  


The final group of individuals fall into bucket #3 – A desire for increased security. These are people who are looking for financial security, and want to be in charge of their own destiny. The pandemic put many people in a difficult financial position, but for some it gave the opportunity to save a lot of money. Families found themselves traveling, eating out, and shopping far less than previous years. This allowed the opportunity for some to leave a job where they felt unhappy with their salary in order to build a business that will someday lead to self-regulated economic success. 


An excellent example of this, is one of THE MAX Challenge’s franchise owners, Roseann Camarda. Roseann invested her time and money into opening her first MAX Challenge center via our Express Model in a local karate studio. She was then able to use the funds from the first center to open a second, and then go on to open a third. Roseann was able to purchase a second home for her family and achieve her lifelong dream of vacationing in Europe.  


THE MAX Challenge offers a solution to the existential crisis facing Americans. THE MAX is proud to announce the relaunching of the Express Model. This extraordinarily accessible business model allows fervent individuals entry into a business about which they are passionate. Bryan teaches that in order to be successful, you need to love what you are doing enough to do it every single day. “Make sure you truly believe in it. Make sure that you can stand behind it with your values, and give it everything you have.” Whether THE MAX Franchise opportunity calls to you or not, make 2021 the year you take control of your own destiny.  







THE MAX Challenge, founded by Bryan Klein, was created out of a dream to help others to live happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives. Bryan has always been passionate about helping others, and it is a true testament to his vision that THE MAX Challenge now celebrates an annual Day of Giving.

During Day of Giving, MAX locations systemwide raise funds for a cause close to the heart of their individual communities. Members, friends, family, staff, and trainers come together to raise money through a variety of events. This year, Day of Giving was held on Saturday, May 15, and was attended by thousands of people all across the country.

There was no limit to the causes MAX centers chose to support this year, including local food banks, animal shelters and The American Cancer Society, to name a few. Many centers looked within their own member base and chose charities that had directly impacted individuals in their MAX community.

THE MAX Challenge of Marlboro, NJ chose Stephy’s Place, a grief counseling center that offers their services free of charge to anyone who loses a spouse, parent, or child. They chose this organization in honor of their late member, Todd Levine. With over 50 participants in their charity class and an abundance of donations, they were able to raise over $18,000.

THE MAX Challenge of Bay Ridge, NY chose the Christian J. Santo Legacy Foundation in honor of their members, the Santo family, and their late son, Christian Santo. An incredible two hundred and fifty people showed up at St. Ephrem Sports Field to participate in outdoor classes, basket raffles, and to purchase T-Shirts in honor of Christian. Through their efforts, THE MAX Challenge of Bay Ridge raised over $25,000.

THE MAX Challenge of Manalapan and Old Bridge, NJ put on a 5k which was attended by over two hundred and fifty people and raised a whopping $27,798.18 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Every center and member who participated in this year’s Day of Giving did so with generosity and kindness in their heart. Perhaps Kevin Heath said it best, “No act of kindness is too small. The gift of kindness may start as a small ripple, that over time, can turn into a tidal wave affecting the lives of many.” Each gift and every dollar will have a positive impact on the life of someone who needed it. After a year and a half of hardship, THE MAX Challenge is eternally grateful to have members who continue to open their hearts to others.

THE MAX Challenge is proud to announce that as a whole, a total of $145,925.41was raised for those in need. We are blown away by the altruism demonstrated this year. Our members show

that “Taking it to THE MAX” goes far beyond creating a happier, healthier life for one’s self. When you truly “Take it to THE MAX”, you create a happier, healthier community.

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