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About THE MAX Challenge of Springfield-Union, NJ

Allison began her career as a dental hygienist -NYU college graduate. She practiced dental hygiene for over 18 years and absolutely loved it. Allison has always had the passion to help people live healthier, more filling lives. Amy a former Title Insurance Agent had the passion for physical fitness from an early age. Amy was an athlete throughout her school-age years and shortly after became a certified personal trainer.

Allison enrolled in The Max challenge January 2013 and Amy joined THE MAX Challenge May 2013. They both loved how the program provided a complete physical and psychological transformation through motivational fitness classes, nutritional counseling, and most importantly, the supportive environment around them. They have tried every gym and the MAX has been the only thing that has kept them motivated. In just a short year they were addicted to the program that changed their lives and decided to share the wealth with Springfield, NJ. They haven’t looked back.

Amy and Allison opened THE MAX Challenge of Springfield-Union June 2014. They both shared the same vision; to deliver the same experiences to the community of Springfield they had each shared when they became members ofTHE MAX Challenge. The challenge consists of fitness classes held Monday through Friday, led by motivating instructors, each with their own styles. The workouts vary every day with Monday and Wednesday being cardio days, Tuesday designated to upper body strength, Thursday to lower body strength, and Friday a heart-pumping cardio kickboxing class. In addition to classes, a nutritional program is offered that is structured to meet the physical demands of the 10 weeks and optimize results. The plan is comprised of foods that can all be found in the grocery store, and there is no secret supplement or pill. However, the most fantastic aspect about the program is its support system that creates micro families within each class, with each person striving for the same, but individual goal: to create better versions of themselves. OUR VALUES We live with Passion and Drive. We Create a Supportive and Connected Community. We Inspire with our Actions. We Never stop Learning and Growing. We Nurture Happiness and Fun. We Interact with Sincerity and Honesty. THE MAX Challenge of Springfield was bulging at the seams; starting with 60 members and rapidly growing to 500 members in a year and a half, which required a relocation to a larger space at 2033 Morris Ave in Union, NJ. Low and behold, THE MAX of Springfield-Union was born. Hundreds of lives in the local area have been transformed. If we are going to be the generation that truly makes a difference, we each must first make a difference in our own lives. THE MAX Challenge will “break our reliance on pills, medicines, and quick fixes.”

With each new 10-week Challenge, the community is growing and new transformations are being made. Some people have referred to THE MAX as a gym, but it is so much more than that. They are a family, a community, and a place where people reach goals they never thought were achievable.

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THE MAX Challenge of Springfield-Union, NJ Guarantee

THE MAX Challenge is a 10-week body and mind renewal system. This system is designed to make fast and lasting changes to your appearance and overall well-being. We do this by combining nutrition counseling, fitness classes and motivation. Being part of ‘THE MAX’ is like having a personal trainer, nutritional counselor and success coach. THE MAX Challenge for the mind, body and spirit inspires everyone NOT to settle for mediocrity and to push themselves to reach personal health, fitness and wellness goals that they have previously considered out of reach. In fact, we feel so strongly that our program will help you achieve your goals that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

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