THE MAX Challenge of Louisville Colorado Fitness Classes

The Ultimate Fitness Experience in Louisville Colorado. Guaranteed to Transform Your Health, Appearance and Fitness Level

10-Week Fitness Challenge in Louisville, CO

Resolved to make a change? Join us at for our 10-Week Challenge, starting January 7, 2019. We can help you jumpstart your fitness goals by providing you with the combination of exercise, nutrition, and motivation you need to get great short-term results and motivate long-term change!

Louisville Colorado Fitness ClassesWhat makes us different from the average gym? We offer functional training and we meet you where you are. Many exercise programs take a one-size-fits-all approach. We take a different approach, tailoring our program to the individual, And challenging each member to just the right degree.

Our fitness classes also take a holistic approach to physical fitness. Being physically fit is not just about, being strong, being flexible, or having endurance; physical fitness encompasses all three elements. Our 10-Week Challenge incorporates cardio interval training, cardio kickboxing, strength building class, and muscle toning. At the end, the goal is a stronger, more flexible you with greater endurance and improved muscle tone.

How do we make sure that your 10-Week Challenge is tailored for you? Our certified instructors are physical fitness experts. They design the classes for all levels, regardless of whether your last workout was yesterday or decades ago. All exercises can be broken down into multiple levels for clients with different fitness capabilities. Even if you have a past injury or a health condition that limits your movement, our instructors can modify exercises to keep you from reinjuring yourself, while still allowing you to work on increasing strength, mobility, and endurance.

While some fitness programs fail because they are not tailored to the client’s fitness level or unable to evolve as a client is getting fitter, other programs fail because people get bored and lose motivation. That is why we make motivation a cornerstone of our fitness program. Our instructors motivate as a group, but will also take the time to work with you to help you discover what gets and keeps you motivated.

Of course, physical fitness is only partially about exercise. You also need to eat well in order to be physically fit. Whether you struggle with your weight or not, a healthy diet has both short and long-term benefits that go way beyond weight loss. However, many people substitute diets for good nutrition. We are not focused on having your diet, but in having you make sustainable changes in your eating habits, which you can keep for a lifetime.

THE MAX Challenge of Louisville Colorado
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