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10-Week Fitness Challenge in Canton Massachusetts

A new year, a new you. How many times have you made that promise, only to find yourself losing motivation just weeks into a program? If you are like the rest of us, you probably blame yourself for those failures. While personal accountability is a critical part of sustaining a fitness program, the reality is that the average gym simply does not offer the kind of sustainable programs that can show quick results and keep clients motivated. Our 10-Week Challenge, beginning January 7, 2019, does. It combines the three cornerstones of fitness: exercise, nutrition, and motivation to give you results you will not find at your typical gym.

Everyone says their exercise program is different, but few of them will tell you how. We do. First, our Fitness program concentrates on total physical health. While losing weight might be one of your goals, we do not focus exclusively on the numbers on the scale. Instead, we look at different measures of fitness including endurance, strength, flexibility, and overall well-being. We offer a variety of fitness classes, which, when combined, help you improve in all of those areas. Classes include muscle toning, cardio interval training, strength building, and cardio kickboxing.

Have you ever walked into a gym and felt immediately out-of-place? At THE MAX Challenge, we believe that physical fitness should be accessible to everyone. That is why we meet you where you are. Our instructors teach each class at multiple levels, so members can start where they are comfortable and move up as their fitness levels improve. Plus, we make sure that certified instructors are experts in physical fitness. This means that, whether you come to us in perfect health or with a history of illnesses or injuries, they can make sure that our workouts work for you by modifying them to get the best results without the risk of injury. The goal is functional training that is challenging enough that you get the results you want and keeps you coming back.

Exercise can only take you so far. Good health requires good nutrition. This is equally true whether you struggle with your weight or not. At THE MAX Challenge, we know that good nutrition is not about fad diets. Not only are they unsustainable, they can actually have health risks. Good nutrition is about achieving balance, and we can help you with a nutrition plan that you can embrace as a lifestyle.

We all know change is hard and, until working out and good nutrition become a habit, you’re going to need someone by your side providing the motivation and support you need to succeed. That is where you find the real difference between THE MAX Challenge and other fitness programs. Our instructors focus on motivation in each class, working to motivate the group and create a family-like atmosphere, as well as improving individual motivation.

THE MAX Challenge of Canton
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