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THE MAX Challenge is the only group training program that combines fitness, nutrition, and motivation to help our members achieve incredible results, both physically and mentally. You've tried other programs in the past... and the likelihood is, they probably haven't stuck, but it's important that you know, you did not fail... those programs failed you. We won't.

  • Unlimited, ever-changing fitness classes (for all levels)
  • In-center, Live/Interactive Zoom, and recorded workouts
  • Our simple, easy-to-follow nutrition program
  • Full access to exclusive member resources
  • A supportive and connected family of fellow members
  • Unmatched motivation and accountability to keep you on track toward your goals.

MAX Success Stories in Their Own Words!

Hear it directly from our members about how The MAX has helped transform lives! For more videos, subscribe on YouTube or watch this playlist on YouTube.

"We are a MAX family" - April (THE MAX Challenge reviews)

"When I got here, I felt comfortable" - Kelly (THE MAX Challenge Reviews)

"Each of us has a value to this community" - Ann (THE MAX Challenge reviews)

"It's what I consider my lifeline" - Kathy (THE MAX Challenge reviews)

"You look forward to coming every single day" - Inger (THE MAX Challenge reviews)

"It just keeps you on your goals" - Dave (THE MAX Challenge Reviews)

"Everybody took me under their wing" - Stacey (THE MAX Challenge Reviews)

"Every time I challenged myself, I could do it" - Susan (THE MAX Challenge reviews)

"You need time for yourself and this is my time" - Karen (THE MAX Challenge reviews)

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