The Story of THE Max Challenge

The Story of The MAX Challenge!

One of the greatest threats facing us as American’s is the so-called “Obesity Epidemic”. The government, school system and our leaders are going to great extents to educate us on this growing threat. Obesity is now known to be the underlying cause of the most significant health problems facing us today including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and stroke. If that is not enough, experts have announced that the next generation of children is the first that is expected to have a shorter life span then their parents.

With all of this “information” and all the money that is thrown into public service announcements you would think that we would begin to turn this situation around.

But still as a community we are in the worst shape ever.

How is this possible?

It seems to me that many people look at this “epidemic” as a personal problem. We tend to look at people and judge them thinking to ourselves, “Why don’t these fools have the self discipline to eat better and exercise?”

I can tell you from personal experience that it is not that easy. For years I struggled with my weight and health. For years I put up with experts who prescribed pills and physical therapy. For years I settled for being less then I could be not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.

As I progressed through my own transformation journey I began to think about the label, “Obesity Epidemic” that was being used throughout the media and our society. I began to think that if “Obesity” could be an “Epidemic” then could it be that the solution could be an “Epidemic” as well?

How can I initiate a change in myself that was not only strong enough to last my lifetime but would affect people around me in such a profound way that they just might be encouraged to adopt a healthier lifestyle as well.

I diligently worked at my transformation. I learned about nutrition, fitness and mental attitude. I learned to ask better questions, challenge my limiting beliefs and to step out of my comfort zone. Each pound lost was like loosing a weight off my shoulders. As I slowly worked towards achieving my healthy body weight I began to realize that I was also achieving more in all areas of my life.

Every small success was a shared victory as I was cheered on and congratulated by my family, friends and community. I found myself once again competing in martial arts, performing for my students, running in marathons and enjoying every day activities. The confidence that came from these successes gave me the courage to take more chances in other areas of my life.
I started to notice that many of the people that were rooting for me and patting me on the back began to follow my lead. Many of them began their own transformation stories and I began to realize that the solution to the obesity epidemic would not come in the form of a public service announcement or education program.

The solution would come as more of us decide to take on our own “transformation challenge”. I began to think about what would our world would begin to look like if more of us began to work towards an exciting vision for the future where we enjoy more health and passion.

What if rather then just dreaming and hoping for a better future we woke up and realized that as a society we are settling for mediocrity?

What would happen if we each challenged our beliefs and adopted new more empowering beliefs that supported the attainment of our personal life missions?

What would happen as each of us began to achieve levels of fitness and success that we never thought possible?

How would our new levels of success and happiness affect those around us?

Would we inadvertently become better parents, workers, bosses and members of our community?

Maybe….. just maybe…. we would inspire a person or two to see something in themselves that was always there but was previously invisible.


The potential for health…..

The potential for happiness…..

The potential for living a life of purpose and passion…..

One by one…. As each of us challenges our beliefs….. achieves our goals and inspires others we will create our own epidemic perhaps we can label it the Epedemic of Potential.

Welcome to your potential…. Welcome to the MAX!


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