50 Tips for Getting the most out of the MAX (and LIFE)

I wrote these 50 tips as a way to help myself focus on the positive for this week 🙂

I figured I would share them with the world.

Take it to the MAX!

Bryan Klein

Founder, The MAX Challenge


  1. Find Heroes
  2. Count Your Blessings
  3. Smile
  4. Surround Yourself With Excellence
  5. Raise Your Standards
  6. Expect the Best!
  7. Say Thank You!
  8. Write a Thank You Note!
  9. Identify Your Passion!
  10.  Live Your Dreams
  11. Create a Compelling Vision for Your LIFE!
  12.  Be Aware of Your Self-Talk.
  13.  Block Out Distractions.
  14. Drink Plenty of Water.
  15. Google “No Arms, No Legs, No Problem
  16. Keep a Journal.
  17. Learn Something Daily.
  18. Share What You Learn With Others.
  19. Lead By Example.
  20. Commit to Constant and Never Ending Improvement.
  21. Be Aware of Your Habits and Patterns.
  22.  Develop Habits and Patterns that Support Your Vision.
  23.  Chunk Your Goals Down.
  24. Face Your Fears.
  25.  Reinvent Yourself….
  26. Question Your Limits.
  27.  Lift Others Up!
  28.  Persist
  29.  Listen More
  30. Ask Questions.
  31. Eat Whole Foods.
  32. Don’t Eat Processed Foods.
  33. Recognize Your Potential.
  34. Use Your Potential.
  35. Don’t Play The Victim.
  36. Talk as if Your Goal Was Already Achieved.
  37. Focus on Strengths Rather Than Weakness
  38. Visualize Your End Goal in Your Minds Eye.
  39. Plan Your Weekly Meals In Advance
  40.  Give No Energy to Critics.
  41.  Exercise, DAILY!
  42. Take Right Action Daily…. Results Will Follow.
  43. Share What You Learn With Others.
  44. Celebrate Your Successes
  45. Engage in Healthy Competition
  46. Make a Public Declaration
  47. Get Leverage on Yourself
  48. Be Part of Something Bigger Then Yourself
  49. Eat 5 – 6 Small Meals
  50.  Take Your Whole Life to The MAX!

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