My 16 year son asked me why it seemed like, “everyone was working against him and getting in the way of his work.” It seems that his friends and sometimes his family don’t understand the time he puts into his music and art.

I told him that people are not used to being around people who strive for greatness and follow their dreams. Most people are used to settling for mediocrity and living within a box. Most of us never really have the guts to question our limits and really go for it.

When people see someone who “goes for it”, “takes chances” and “follows their dreams” it often “freaks them out” and they will try to pull you back down to their world.

Elijah Jakob Klein keep following your passion and dreams, you can never be sure where it will take you. But you could be sure of one thing…. You will never be one of those people who say, “If only” or “that could have been me”.

For those of you reading this post, press the like button to send some positive energy to a few kids who have the guts to follow their dreams and put their work out there, its not easy to create art. But it is probably even harder to have the guts to deliver and put that art out there for the world to see.


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