Finish the year STRONG! Last FULL 10-Week Challenge of 2021 begins October 25th

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THE MAX Challenge of Ramsey, NJ

Class Schedule

  • 5:00 AMIn-Center and Virtual
  • 6:00 AMIn-Center and Virtual
  • 7:00 AMIn-Center and Virtual
  • 9:30 AMIn-Center and Virtual
  • 4:30 PMIn-Center and Virtual
  • 5:30 PM In-Center and Virtual

*Subject to change. Classes also available on demand.

About THE MAX Challenge of Ramsey

THE MAX Challenge of Ramsey, NJ combines exciting fitness classes with motivation and nutrition counseling to help people make absolutely amazing changes to their health, appearance and fitness levels so they can live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives! Being part of THE MAX of Ramsey is like having a personal trainer, nutritional counselor and a personal development coach. Our classes are for ALL fitness levels offering modifications for all exercises and everyone is encouraged to work out at their own pace. So whether you are just starting out or just need something different, THE MAX is for YOU!

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YES! You Really Can Achieve Your Health and Fitness Goals Using Our Proven System of:


High-energy, fat-burning, muscle-toning workouts led by our MAX Certified instructors.


Super simple, easy to follow, nutrition plan guaranteed to MAXimize your health and fitness results.


Our staff is dedicated to your success and will keep you motivated throughout your 10-Week Challenge.


We're so confident in the effectiveness of our program that we guarantee your results or your money back! No questions asked!

Fresh Start, Fresh Focus. Results are Guaranteed!

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