THE MAX Challenge of Canton

The Ultimate Fitness Experience in Canton MA

Our Canton MA location is Guaranteed to Transform Your Health, Appearance and Fitness Level

About THE MAX Challenge of Canton MA

The MAX CHALLENGE of CANTON, MA is owned by Debbi and Mike Mimoso. Debbi started as a member of the program while living in NJ back in February 2017. After a tremendous amount of success, losing a significant amount of weight and truly transforming her mind and body, Debbi felt she needed to pay it forward and help others find their own transformation.  Returning to her beloved state of Massachusetts, she wants to share the program and help make a positive change to as many lives possible in and around the Canton area!

The MAX CHALLENGE OF CANTON, MA combines exciting fitness classes with motivation and nutrition counseling to help people make absolutely amazing changes to their health, appearance and fitness levels so they can live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives!

Being part of THE MAX in CANTON is like having a personal trainernutritional counselor and a personal development coach. Our classes are for ALL fitness levels offering modifications for all exercises and everyone is encouraged to work out at their own pace. So, whether you are just starting out or just need something different, The MAX CHALLENGE in CANTON, MA is for YOU!

Whatever your goal or experience level, our program can help you reach and exceed your potential. You will also join a supportive connected community in CANTON of members who share your aspirations. All of this adds up to an experience you won’t find anywhere else!

Come join us!!  Call 617-275-4473!!

THE MAX Challenge Canton MA Guarantee

THE MAX Challenge is a 10-week body and mind renewal system. This system is designed to make fast and lasting changes to your appearance and overall well-being. We do this by combining nutrition counseling, fitness classes and motivation. Being part of ‘THE MAX’ is like having a personal trainer, nutritional counselor and success coach. THE MAX Challenge for the mind, body and spirit inspires everyone NOT to settle for mediocrity and to push themselves to reach personal health, fitness and wellness goals that they have previously considered out of reach. In fact, we feel so strongly that our program will help you achieve your goals that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

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