Carb Cycling For Weight Loss

Are you looking for a way to lose weight without starving or depriving yourself of everything you love? The MAX Challenge incorporates Carb cycling. Cycling carbs to lose weight is growing in popularity and with good reason – it works!

Carb cycling works like this, over the course of the week, you will rotate through high-carb, low/no-carb days. An even simpler approach is eating more carbohydrates on High Carb days to maintain or promote lean muscle growth and eating fewer carbohydrates on Low Carb days to promote fat loss.

Carb cycling focuses primarily on carbohydrates rather than protein or fats as carbs have the most impact on weight, body composition and lean muscle mass. Carb cycling requires a fairly high lean protein intake, while your fat intake varies with your carb cycles, high carb days will be low fat days and low carb days will include higher (healthy) fat intake.

One reason that carb cycling diets help you lose weight is because the largest contributing factor in weight gain is sugar consumption, not from eating fat or complex carbohydrates like vegetables or whole wheat. Reducing your sugar intake on your low carb days will lead to rapid fat loss while maintaining lean muscle.

Secondly, carbohydrate consumption will make or break any weight loss program. But carbs are not necessarily the enemy, and treating them as such by overly restricting them can be counter-productive to your long-term weight loss. Your body needs carbs to function, carbs fuel most bodily functions and provide energy and restricting carbs will slow your metabolism and hamper any attempts to lose weight.

When you begin to cycle your carbs you will create a calorie deficit while providing sufficient carbs to prevent metabolism slow down. Carb cycling will also reduce cravings and you won’t feel that you are starving or constantly deprived. Ready to try carb cycling?

At THE MAX, we make nutrition simple and easy to follow. We will teach you to choose clean, healthy foods and how to make the right choices at the supermarket and in the kitchen. You’ll learn about portion control and how to measure foods and divide your meals into the right portions. You’ll also learn more about carb cycling and food timing to get the most out of your meals.

The Nutrition program at THE MAX will have you looking and feeling great! Learn more about THE MAX and THE MAX Challenge complete 10-week body and mind renewal system at:

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