Group Fitness Challenge Yields Results

4 Reasons Why Group Fitness with THE MAX Challenge Yields Results!

There’s something profoundly different about working out with a friend or in a group, versus walking into a massive, machine-filled gym. It’s true- how much more likely are you to wake up to go to a class when there are people there waiting for you? How much more likely are you to push yourself when the person next to you is pushing themselves? The fact is, aside from being more enjoyable, group fitness has some serious benefits, all of which can be experienced at THE MAX Challenge.

  1. Higher level of commitment to a fitness program: Working out with a group increases the likelihood that you’ll show up. It’s one of the reasons why we encourage members to commit to a specific class time (to the best of their ability) so that they form relationships with their fellow classmates. You and your fellow members share a common goal – to become healthier, happier individuals while getting through each workout, so it’s easy to form a bond. If these new friends are waiting for you, you’re more likely to skip on the snooze button. You’ll look forward to the positive encouragement and motivation from them, which will reduce the likelihood of missing class, helping you to stay on track.
  2. Group FitnessImproved workouts: There’s no doubt that we tend to push ourselves more when working out with a partner or a group versus working alone. Seeing those next to us pushing themselves motivates us to do the same. A study by the Society of Behavioral Medicine showed that working with a partner, especially in a team format, improved performance, doubling the workout time of those who exercised alone.1 At THE MAX Challenge, teamwork is evident, no matter which center you walk into – yet another reason why our members achieve stellar results.
  3. Mental advantages: Of course, working out produces endorphins, typically referred to as runner’s high, but working out with a group produces endorphins outside or those that are a result of the workout alone. How? Smiling for one (and we do A TON of it at THE MAX Challenge). When you’re in an awesome class with a great group of people and the energy is off the charts, smiles ensue. As a bonus, the elevation to your mood helps you to get through even the toughest exercises. Last, but not least, researchers have found that working out in a group lowers stress by 26 percent and significantly improves quality of life.2 “The communal benefits of coming together with friends and colleagues, and doing something difficult, while encouraging one another, pays dividends beyond exercising alone,” said Dayna Yorks, DO, who served as the lead researcher on the study. We at THE MAX Challenge couldn’t agree more.
  4. Encouragement to try new things: We’ve established that working out with a group leads to a higher commitment to a program, improved workouts, and has mental advantages, but it can also encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone even outside of class. 5K runs and obstacle course races and just a few of the MANY examples of things our members get together to do that at 40, 50, even 60+ years old, never ever thought they’d do, and likely wouldn’t do had they not been part of a group program.

Ultimately, when considering a health and fitness program, it’s best not to go at it alone. As they say, there’s strength in numbers! At THE MAX Challenge, we have a community of members and staff who are ready to help you feel at home and reach those goals that you’ve set for yourself.

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