You owe it to yourself to give this everything you got!

Don’t be a 50 percenter!

Don’t be a 70 percenter!

Not even a 90 percenter!

Don’t try to reinvent the program. Success leaves clues. Take a look at the picture above and then make a decision to give this 100% of your body, mind, spirit and heart!

The results will amaze everyone around you but most importantly you will amaze yourself.




The Old Me (looking at the health freaks)…..


*You got to be nuts to eat like that!

*Live a little….

*You Only Live Once.

The New Me (looking at most of the humans)…….


*You got to be nuts to eat like that!

*Live a little….

*You Only Live Once….


Bryan Klein

Founder, The MAX Challenge



Every now and then I hear from a MAXer who, in their own words, is following the program EXACTLY! They are baffled as to why they are not getting results. They insist that they are supper compliant. I always start out by asking about their routine and nutrition. Very often the conversation reveals that the person is eating far less food then we recommended and is not measuring their portions. Just eating a little better or eating less is not enough. In fact not eating enough may have the opposite effect on your overall health and well being. (by throwing your body into starvation mode forcing it to hold on to fat rather then burn it!).

This program is a lifestyle because eating the MAX way promotes better health. You will find that you have more energy, sleep better, sleep less, clearer skin, sharper thinking and an overall better life. People report that they no longer get constant headaches, their blood sugars are normalized and many other diseases and ailments are gone!

So, here is a quick test to see if you are following the program exactly or if you are following EXACTLY!

  1. Do you use the containers to measure your portions? (For at least the first 10 weeks – just eating less is not enough, you must measure)
  2. Do you eat 5 to 6 small meals a day?
  3. Do you plan your meals in advance? (Not 10 minutes in advance but a week in advance.)
  4. Have you eliminated processed foods?
  5. What kind of dressing do you put on your salad? (Anything other then EVOO and vinegar is no good, the EVOO counts as a fat)
  6. When the program calls for carbs are you eating them early in the day?
  7. Do you drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day?
  8. Do you eat out more then once a week? (If you do then do you give specific directions to waiter as to how to prepare your foods?)
  9. Do you eat vegetables every day? (Vegetables have a negative calorie effect and also keep you satisfied.)
  10. Are you recognizing the “triggers” in your life that lead to “urges” and “behaviors” that do not support your goals?
  11. Are you consciously working on developing new patterns and habits that support your healthy lifestyle?
  12. Do you exercise at least 5 times a week?

So ask yourself the following,  “Am I following the program exactly or am I following the program EXACTLY!”

I promise you this. The reward of optimal health will be well worth the extra effort.

Oh, and yes you will also loose some weight J

Bryan Klein

Founder, The Max Challenge




Faye Komninakis Ambrosio, proud MAXer. Marlboro NJ

Faye Komninakis Ambrosio, proud MAXer. Marlboro NJ

These are the pants that I was wearing a year ago. Oh how I HATED those pants!!! I’m trying to resist the urge to burn them because I want to keep them as a reminder of how far I have come and to keep working hard to reach my goals!! Nothing is impossible when you are determined!  Faye Komninakis Ambrosio

I copied the above testimonial from Facebook. For those of you that think optimal health and fitness are out of reach, it is not and it is well worth it! Just ask Faye:)

Bryan Klein





Here is a recent interaction between me and a close friend;

Justin: You want to go to the salad place.

Me: Sure.

Justin: You know I just realized that you pulled me into your world. Thank You!

Me: What do you mean?

Justin: If we met for lunch we used to go for pizza or fast food. Then you started eating healthier and we all really thought you were a pain in the ass!

Me: Really?

Justin: Yea, but you know what after a while I just got used to it. Now I don’t even give it a second thought. If we get together we have to eat “clean”. In fact I find myself being more conscientious of what I put in my body all the time.

Me: Huh?

Justin: Yeah, you know it would have been easier for you to give in and eat the crap that we all used to eat. I got to hand it to you. You stuck it out and it paid off. You did not allow us to pull you into our world… You pulled me into your world. THANK YOU!


Moral of the story….

Stand strong……

Stay the course…..

Pull your friends into your world…….

Don’t get pulled into theirs…..

Bryan Klein

Founder, TheMAxChallenge


I wrote these 50 tips as a way to help myself focus on the positive for this week :)

I figured I would share them with the world.

Take it to the MAX!

Bryan Klein

Founder, The MAX Challenge


  1. Find Heroes
  2. Count Your Blessings
  3. Smile
  4. Surround Yourself With Excellence
  5. Raise Your Standards
  6. Expect the Best!
  7. Say Thank You!
  8. Write a Thank You Note!
  9. Identify Your Passion!
  10.  Live Your Dreams
  11. Create a Compelling Vision for Your LIFE!
  12.  Be Aware of Your Self-Talk.
  13.  Block Out Distractions.
  14. Drink Plenty of Water.
  15. Google “No Arms, No Legs, No Problem
  16. Keep a Journal.
  17. Learn Something Daily.
  18. Share What You Learn With Others.
  19. Lead By Example.
  20. Commit to Constant and Never Ending Improvement.
  21. Be Aware of Your Habits and Patterns.
  22.  Develop Habits and Patterns that Support Your Vision.
  23.  Chunk Your Goals Down.
  24. Face Your Fears.
  25.  Reinvent Yourself….
  26. Question Your Limits.
  27.  Lift Others Up!
  28.  Persist
  29.  Listen More
  30. Ask Questions.
  31. Eat Whole Foods.
  32. Don’t Eat Processed Foods.
  33. Recognize Your Potential.
  34. Use Your Potential.
  35. Don’t Play The Victim.
  36. Talk as if Your Goal Was Already Achieved.
  37. Focus on Strengths Rather Than Weakness
  38. Visualize Your End Goal in Your Minds Eye.
  39. Plan Your Weekly Meals In Advance
  40.  Give No Energy to Critics.
  41.  Exercise, DAILY!
  42. Take Right Action Daily…. Results Will Follow.
  43. Share What You Learn With Others.
  44. Celebrate Your Successes
  45. Engage in Healthy Competition
  46. Make a Public Declaration
  47. Get Leverage on Yourself
  48. Be Part of Something Bigger Then Yourself
  49. Eat 5 – 6 Small Meals
  50.  Take Your Whole Life to The MAX!


The Story of The MAX Challenge!

One of the greatest threats facing us as American’s is the so-called “Obesity Epidemic”. The government, school system and our leaders are going to great extents to educate us on this growing threat. Obesity is now known to be the underlying cause of the most significant health problems facing us today including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and stroke. If that is not enough, experts have announced that the next generation of children is the first that is expected to have a shorter life span then their parents.

With all of this “information” and all the money that is thrown into public service announcements you would think that we would begin to turn this situation around.

But still as a community we are in the worst shape ever.

How is this possible?

It seems to me that many people look at this “epidemic” as a personal problem. We tend to look at people and judge them thinking to ourselves, “Why don’t these fools have the self discipline to eat better and exercise?”

I can tell you from personal experience that it is not that easy. For years I struggled with my weight and health. For years I put up with experts who prescribed pills and physical therapy. For years I settled for being less then I could be not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.

As I progressed through my own transformation journey I began to think about the label, “Obesity Epidemic” that was being used throughout the media and our society. I began to think that if “Obesity” could be an “Epidemic” then could it be that the solution could be an “Epidemic” as well?

How can I initiate a change in myself that was not only strong enough to last my lifetime but would affect people around me in such a profound way that they just might be encouraged to adopt a healthier lifestyle as well.

I diligently worked at my transformation. I learned about nutrition, fitness and mental attitude. I learned to ask better questions, challenge my limiting beliefs and to step out of my comfort zone. Each pound lost was like loosing a weight off my shoulders. As I slowly worked towards achieving my healthy body weight I began to realize that I was also achieving more in all areas of my life.

Every small success was a shared victory as I was cheered on and congratulated by my family, friends and community. I found myself once again competing in martial arts, performing for my students, running in marathons and enjoying every day activities. The confidence that came from these successes gave me the courage to take more chances in other areas of my life.
I started to notice that many of the people that were rooting for me and patting me on the back began to follow my lead. Many of them began their own transformation stories and I began to realize that the solution to the obesity epidemic would not come in the form of a public service announcement or education program.

The solution would come as more of us decide to take on our own “transformation challenge”. I began to think about what would our world would begin to look like if more of us began to work towards an exciting vision for the future where we enjoy more health and passion.

What if rather then just dreaming and hoping for a better future we woke up and realized that as a society we are settling for mediocrity?

What would happen if we each challenged our beliefs and adopted new more empowering beliefs that supported the attainment of our personal life missions?

What would happen as each of us began to achieve levels of fitness and success that we never thought possible?

How would our new levels of success and happiness affect those around us?

Would we inadvertently become better parents, workers, bosses and members of our community?

Maybe….. just maybe…. we would inspire a person or two to see something in themselves that was always there but was previously invisible.


The potential for health…..

The potential for happiness…..

The potential for living a life of purpose and passion…..

One by one…. As each of us challenges our beliefs….. achieves our goals and inspires others we will create our own epidemic perhaps we can label it the Epedemic of Potential.

Welcome to your potential…. Welcome to the MAX!



The opportunity for growth is now! THE MAX is primed, poised, positioned, and has full steam ahead to continue to change lives across the WORLD. In this exciting time for growth, we are looking for highly qualified and motivated individuals who share our desire to help others.  Not only do we have instructor positions available, we have opportunities available for go-getters who are looking to make Life-Changing their career. Our expansion plans have open positions for;

  • Sweat Equity Partners
  • Managers
  • Instructors

Opportunities exist or will exist shortly in;

Somerset, NJ, Bridgewater, NJ, Cranford/Westfield, NJ, Hamilton Twp, NJ, Ocean, NJ, Brick/Toms River, NJ, Shrewsbury, NJ.

If you are interested in a once in a lifetime opportunity with a growing franchise, please inquire via email, Albert@themaxchallenge.com.

THE MAX Challenge is a national fitness franchise that focuses on a 10-week body renewal system. This system is designed to make fast and lasting changes to your appearance and overall well-being. We do this by combining nutrition counseling, fitness classes, and motivation. Being part of ‘THE MAX,’ is like having a personal trainer, nutritional counselor, and success coach.